How to take a hit from a Ascent (Davinci)?

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  1. So I'm interested in getting the Davinci after looking around for vaporizers, but my question is that does it CONSTANTLY heat the herb up?  Like the MFLB you press down on the battery to heat it up, but the Davinci you set it at a setting and it (I think) just "stays" heated, or do you turn it off whenever you are not hitting?

  2. It stays heating it constantly.
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  5. I can already feel the love in this thread! 
    Yes the Davinci uses conduction heating and is always heating your herbs similar to the Pax, Indica, Solo, and Ascent. Which I wanted to ask... you are talking about buying the original davinci not the Ascent correct? Just making sure. Personally I really like the Davinci for the price. I use it quite a bit when I go on trips. 
  6. The solo is a hybrid.
  7. Yep so is the Ascent. 
  8. The ascent isnt a hyrbid at all. Are you sure you have actually used either vaporizer?
  9. It's mostly conduction (80-90%) with some convection. They both are right here in front of me. 
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    Wow nice statistics... No convection going on at all. The ascent is a prime example along with the pax of full conduction vaporizers.
  11. Even if it is 90% conduction, it sure as hell acts as if it's 100% conduction.   I don't know if it's 10% of convection, but even if it is, that little of convection going on really doesn't mean anything when it really comes right down to it.   The bud in the Ascent is constantly cooking just like the PAX and for me, being how I use vaporizers, this is a HUGE downside.
    I actually enjoy session portables when I'm at home or with people so it totally depends on the situation and the person. 
  13. Yea, this thread got completely derailed.
    You got your question answered, didn't you?
    Yea, I guess.  I mean, does the vapor pretty much stay within the unit between hits while it's still heated up?
  16. Yeah it stays with in the unit but is condensing the whole time. It is the reason vaporizers like the ascent and pax get very resinous very fast.
    I've noticed a bit of vapor leaking out the bottom but not very much at all.
    Sweet, thanks you guys!

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