how to support budding branches?

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    Today is day 40 flowering and some of the branches are leaning and hanging down and I don't want them to eventually break,on the one pictured the whole main stem is leaning over... what's the best way to support the branches? If I put a stake in the soil will it damage the roots? Any help appreciated

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    im not sure if you can tell from the pics but they hang down pretty far.i just dont want to come hope to a snapped the first pic im holding the bud where it shud be and then the 2nd i let it go. the 3rd im holding and the 4th i let hang

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  3. Yeah you want to stake that up. I would put a stake to hold the main stem and maybe on to hold those braches. Put your stake for the main branch a few inches away and tie back to it. Looks nice
  4. Bump... where do I put the stake? And if I push into the soil won't it damage the roots?

  5. Put it into the soil. You might damage one or two roots but I'm sure the other several thousand root hairs will pick up the slack. Just don't go all Dexter on the plant when putting the stake in.
  6. get some chiken wire and build a box type suport and just fit it over the whole plant so it supports the heavey buds.
  7. chicken wire / animal screen ftw.
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    I just started using a new product, well... new to my grow room. This stuff is just awesome:




    This stuff is great for tons of things, but it is the best thing I've found for supporting plants that are buckling under the weight of their own dank buds. Once you use this stuff, I think you'll agree that it is the best. You just need to wrap the the post, and then make little "Hooks" that hold the stem where you want it.

    I use it for keeping wires neatly bundled too. I love this stuff.

    The company is called "Luster Leaf Products" and this is the Light Duty Soft Twist Tie. If they make a medium and heavy duty version, I'm going to get some as well.

    Here is a link to the site. Looks like they have quite a few cool products to help with your dilemma.
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies, those ties look great toledo... I'm gonna try and find some around here but if I can't ill just order it online. My buds should be safe lol
  10. Smells like viral marketing in here.

  11. ......ok

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