How to store fan leaves? Harvest?

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  1. I want to roll a Thai Stick using the leaves from my plant. Only problem is that I want to use the buds too but they need to cure for about a month or so. Any tips on how to store the leaves? The fan leaves. Not the trim. The trim will most likely be used for butter. Any tips on making great Thai Sticks are appreciated.

    Also can y'all help determine if my friends plant is ready for harvest? 20170711_075915.jpg 20170711_075935.jpg

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  3. Cool. I couldn't find a thread. Thanks mate.
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  4. Definitely needs more time. The dead give away is that the calyxes haven't swollen yet. If you know what strain it is, just look it up on a seedbank website and take her an extra week (at least) from what the breeder suggests.

    If you don't know what the strain is, wait until the majority of pistils have darkened and receded. Then just wait until those calyxes swell up. Then, it is time.

    You can check the trichomes under a magnifying glass too, but I'm not the boggest fan of that method since it can be very strain dependent.
  5. How to store fan leaves? Harvest?

    in your composter!

    Fan leaves were never used in the original thai sticks,

    either was hashish oil but ..
    opium was

    having trouble over the maturity of your plant may make a thai stick even harder?

    good luck

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