How to store blunts?

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  1. well i'm going off to college aug. 18th & my BF agreed to pre-roll me some blunts (i suck at rolling but i'm working on it!) How would i go about storing them without the blunt getting stale?


  2. you can freeze your blunts.

    it should be all good.
  3. keep them in a mason jar or something air tight

    I may be wrong but no matter what you do the blunt wrap will most likely dry out eventually and it will be very delicate and brittle
  4. If you could have them roll you J's, those could be suitable for the drive to school.

    What college you headed to?
  5. In your lungs?
  6. Juicy j blunt wraps come in airtight black tubes with see through caps. Thats what i use to carry them in my pocket or for storage
  7. thats actually sounds like a better idea! I'm headed to Queens university of Charlotte NC :)
  8. swisher xl blunt tubes
  9. I usually roll them in zig-zag wraps and then put them back in the wrapper, then put them in the fridge. I suppose a mason jar could work but I'd think the paper would get dry quickly and super dry blunts usually tend to be more harsh on the throat.
  10. White Owls have tubes.
  11. What white owls r those?
  12. Oh word?
    Thats wassup

    I'm at school in VA, but visit UNC Charlotte a lot.
  13. He's rollin your blunts? this seems twisted.

    the foil packs that they come in are by far best. don't hesitate to drop a drip of tap water in there if they are drying out. 2 for $0.99 now. you can prob fit 5 in that pack.

    u heard from the whiteowl master

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