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How to stop the stoner sterio types?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GetDeet, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hey guys and gals, just wondering to see how many of us are constently beatin down the sterio type that ''all stoners are lazy'' <- which is bullshit because just look at how we remain active, participating on the forums and how well the forums is so well upkept which is alot of work I'd imagine. Sorry if this is seen as a dumb thread but I seriously can't take this bull shit that I keep hearing and seeing with the constent put down of stoners in my area and maybe in yours. So I was hoping to have a line or example to battle with all those close-minded people out there who can't see past their hand that they don't bother to research and understand past what the government says. ''The war on drugs'' is a losing battle (maryjane shouldn't even be considered a drug) and alot of people out there think they are making a difference by putting away stoners. They don't even know what they are doing when they put us with the hard criminals who may have actually done some horrible things. Its just so fustraiting to think they want to push all their bull shit on us when they have more present priorities at hand.. all I can say is that the world we live in is pretty fucked up and all we can do for now is make do with our lives and have fun. The only reassuring thing is that I know after we are just dust in the wind the earth will heal and become balenced once again.. maybe then our whole race will choose to understand.

    Don't mind my rambling...
  2. Yea I hate the stoner stereotypes, most of its such bullshit, like i just saw an anti weed ad were this girl is with her friend and the friend is just like flattened onto the couch and the other girl is like shes no fun anymore....
  3. There will always be sterotypes. Best way to help is to show people how you are compared to the steriotype, sadly.
  4. ^^ nice 666th post lol

    anyways, stereotypes suck because no matter how much information and facts about something you give it wont change a persons mind if they think of stoners as lazy and worthless.
  5. I donno.. I can cope with it fine and all but if there is a way we can figure out to drop it or lessen it then it would be that much better for all of us
  6. I dont think there's anyway to stop the stoner stereo-types, im proving the stoners are stupid stereo-type to my family and teachers, i dropped out of school for a year, only because i was a drug-addict, now im back in school lol, like grade 13 haha..and i have almost a 90% avg...

    I hate nothing more then when people say "Stoners cause too much shit"
  7. ha ha i saw that commercial today also it just made me laugh about how wrong it is

    about steriotypes, ya alot of people just dont get exacly wat maryjane does to you because they are so into getting rid of it they wont just stop and try it one of my friends is very smart and hes like the biggest stoner i know, he used to get A/B's in highschool and is still pulling of great grades
  8. If you don't wish to fall into the category of the standard dumbshit stoner, then you must represent yourself responsibly. Take care of how you come across to people, especially on first impressions because those are the most important. Do not let this *RECREATIONAL* substance get in the way of your everyday life. Its recreational for a reason. Keep it that way.

    Also, are you asking how to drop the stereotype here at GC or anywhere? Because if you want to stop getting stereotyped here at GC, the best thing you can do is A) learn to type and B) learn the english language. If I see a post packed with typos and grammar mistakes I skip it. Just another fool bringing us down. And don't give me shit about not being able to type when high. I can type perfectly when blitzed. Why? Because I'm making a conscious effort.

    Finally, you must become educated. Preferably self-educated. Go to and bookmark it. Any time you wish to learn about *anything* type it in the search box and start soaking it up like a sponge.

    If you do not wish to be stereotyped simply do not give your enemies a reason to stereotype you. Rise above the scum, the filth, and the foolish. Make a stand and you can make a difference.
  9. Yah... Ignorence issn't bliss it is a way for people who don't want to face the truth to cope.. People don't understand that if you are aware of everything around you that you will be able live life to its fullest.. Doing just that living life to its fullest is a goal that we all seek.. just how you approach is what determines how successful you will be at achieving that ultimate goal. Open mindedness is a gift I wish all of have or will gain.
  10. Fuck it man, I started a new rule. Fight back with those fucking anti-weed commercials. I say we all smoke a fucking bowl, or take a big hit every time we see or hear some stupid anti weed commercial.
    Fight the system man!

    edit: Also, that will show them that we are smoking becuase of their anti weed commercials, or anti weed propaganda.

  11. I like your enthusiasm, but how is that fighting the system? The system doesn't even know you're putting up a fight this way. What you need to do is change the system to instead of spreading propaganda written by some shmuck whose paycheck is signed by George W. Bush, spread educative knowledge using actual facts and data composed by some legitmate doctors.
  12. No offense but one would be to spell correctly.

    It's not sterio
  13. Ha, has anyone seen the commercial for Drug Driving? lol, the guy walks out of his room stoned and his about to leave his apt. and the pag of 'Pirate' papers starts talking to him? haha

    ...Everyone makes mistakes, are you perfect?
  14. hmm even if there were pro-pot commericals and some company, say NORML or something, had the money to air it, i doubt any station would air it just because of all the negative reviews it would probably get, stations are all about ratings, not spreading the truth, sadly.
  15. Here's a good way to inform yourself. Whenever anyone pulls the lazy card on me, I've been smoking for over a decade and I'm very well informed about all the aspects of cannabis.

    Start here:

    Memorize it, as there is a lot of good information in there to help combat situations like you're describing when people are so agains the herb.
  16. Stoner stereotypes, in my humble opinion, were founded first by the government, and then evolved into some truly bizarre and sometimes hilarious stereotypes when the seventies showed up (I am, of course, referring to the stoner stereotypes started by the Cheech and Chong Movies, which were in themselves inspired by the free-roaming lifestyle of the hippies during the sixties and seventies).

    Now, everyone thinks that either stoners are sex-craved, violent maniacs or sex-craved, lazy burn out drop out losers. At best, the people who still have a negative view of cannabis users view them as people with something similar to an alcohol problem (which in some cases, is not far from the truth, though the "burn-out" is not nearly as common as the alcoholic in my view).

    Those who don't do marijuana (or have tried it only once or twice and don't like it) and have only an uninformed positive view of stoners, generally view stoners as people like bob marley, jay and silent bob, or cheech and chong. Therefore they think that all stoners are hilariously dull witted and constantly have the munchies which is not true.

    Generally I'm sad to see these positive stoner stereotypes more prominent in today's pop culture because it is generally mtv and the like that perpetuated that lie, as positive as it attempts to be about the subject, it's like simplfying things down too much to make sure it's bite size for the public.

    But now the general populace, I feel, needs to take the next step and realize that pot isn't like any other drug and is used by a populace of people that differ as much as the rest of the human race. Meh, I think even that's expecting too much from this generation who reads less than any other in the history of mankind (save for before writing existed of course).
  17. im usually able to dodge any stereotyping, because i usually dont come off as a big pot head, so initially people dont assume i burn a lot (atleast, not so much anymore, in highschool, everyone just assumed you smoked, we all did anyways...)

    people find out later, and by then, ive already smashed away their little stereotype, ive actually been able to turn a few people into smokers just by showing them that im no dumbshit, why would you be?
  18. Indy, talking point #2 on that link is so true. That's been staring me in the face forever and I now know how to put it into words. Thank you!
  19. Just dont be a sterio type.

    Most people don't even know i smoke unless they heard because i'm not a "lazy pot head". But not allot of people i know are and lotd of people smoke so no one really sterio types anyone unless they are a "lazy pot head" but even thats still in bad taste to make a comment like that.

  20. hell yeah. i hate that shit too. damn right wing conservative bullshit, wait what am i saying these are all the fucking politicians in this country.

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