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  1. Is there a way to stop getting email notifications but still get alerts when you enter the site to see activity?
  2. I still get them
  3. Which e-mails are you receiving ?
  4. the e-mails are put in queue and send accordingly , so give like 15 minutes before seeing if this worked or not
  5. Ill wait but theve been unchecked for days
  6. Still getting these damn emails. What's going on Screenshot_20181007-100905_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20181007-101004_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20181007-100736_Outlook.jpg
  7. I did get an email but have now cleared my cache so hopefully it stops. Can you reply to this to see if it worked
  8. Replying to see if it worked. :)
  9. Nope

  10. Ok, I'll tag @Lizard King and see if he can figure it out.

    If you get an email for this reply, let me know. Also, how many threads are you watching? You can see this in the Watched Threads part of your Settings. If there are only a few, it might be worth unwatching them and then watch them again to see if that makes a difference.I just don't think we've had this issue before.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I know those emails get annoying.
  11. I manually disabled your e-mail notifications from backend
  12. Much appreciated, thanks.
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