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How to stop smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Subtard, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I'm trying to stop smoking but it hasn't been working out too well. Does anybody have any advice on how to quit cold turkey?
  2. dont buy any....
  3. uhh idk dude i've never had to TRY to shouldn't be that hard it's not cigarettes.
  4. yah i dont think most people on here are quitting. ask slerms mckenzie hes been marijuana free for a year
  5. for me once I get passed 2 or 3 days its easy, untill I get to 2 weeks, a few times I've made it 3 or 4....I want to go 3 months here pretty soon but yeh its not easy...idk delete your dealers number, get a girlfriend, start smoking cigs and/or drinking if you don't already...idk thats all I got
  6. Determination is the key if you want o quit smoking.
  7. Stop smoking?
  8. Get a Magic Flight man I never smoke anymore. I can't even stand the taste of smoke.
  9. Simple. Don't Buy Any Weed.
  10. You just have to say to yourself, every morning, 'get through today without smoking'.

    It's a lot harder if you look at it in terms of months, but that way it's simple as pie :hello:
  11. first step, want to stop.
    second step, don't buy any.
    third step, keep yourself busy with activities- especially new activities that you don't do or never did while high.
    forth step, surround yourself with non marijuana smokers.

    the main point is, try not to have anything that can triggers your memory of marijuana or being high, it'll help.
  12. I decided to take a months tolerance break as I have been smoking steady a year now, I smoked out two mates with my last 3g and have been putting all my bud money aside for a vaporizer.

    It's been three weeks and I have a spare $130 in my room which I'm going to order a magic flight with because it's going to take at least a week to come to Australia.

    I pretty much just experienced shit sober at parties and stuff and it's not that bad man. Gave in yesterday and seshed it up because I couldn't turn down a free smoke of some top shelf hydros but that's it until I get my mflb.

    Once you tell yourself your going to stop and actually want to do it it's easy, goodluck man.
  13. Its weed, not fucking herion. Get some will power, throw out your bud and smash your piece.
  14. ur addicted if u cant stop.

    is it that hard for u to say no to the plant?
  15. you're talking about these, right?

  16. ....dont quit :]
  17. its a lifestyle choice dude. i stopped for months before. buy a pack of trident layers, gum actually kinda helps
  18. Find something to get really obsessed with and take your mind of toking. A major project or hobby. A book if you like to read. Every time the cravings get to be too much, tell yourself "If I REALLY need to I can smoke in an hour." Then when an hour comes, tell yourself that again. I really does help you get through the hardest part. And keep reminding yourself that the cravings will go away after a couple days. You are strong enough to do anything for a couple days. Good luck man. I know it's tough. I only quit when I had my kids, but it was hard.

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