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How to stop paranoia?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JakeMader, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. When I get high, sometimes I'll get really paranoid. Like sometimes I just feel too spaced out and detached from reality for it to be comfortable. Most of the time what'll start my panic attack is when I'll do something and then ask myself, "did I just do that" or "why did I just do that". For example, I'll get up, walk around the kitchen 3 times for absolutely no reason, not aware of what I'm doing, then go and sit back down. Then, it'll all be a blur and I'll barely remember doing it so then I'll start panicking because I feel like I don't have control over what I'm doing.
    So basically, when I'm having a paranoid high, how do I stop the paranoia and just be chill/happy?
  2. smoke less or ease in and give less of a crap
  3. Idk what to tell you but just relax i guess, or maybe more weed.
  4. What exactly are you paranoid about?
  5. If you're getting paranoid remember to smoke at a spot that is more comfortable for you when you aren't stoned.

    Just make sure you're good to go before smoking so.
  6. Ok, what you're doing isn't uncommon you just need to relax more and smoke in a really comfortable environment and it looks like you're getting too high so you're getting paranoid.

    Stop doing that and start smoking in a comfortable environment with someone else if you can as that always helps. My girlfriend gets like this and what she does is write down on a piece of paper what she's done, so she doesn't get all paranoid that she's stuck in a continuous loop.
  7. It's as simple as not caring so much, just go with the flow man.
  8. Also, you can counter some of the physiological reaction by staying hydrated. If you have a physical reaction associated with the paranoia-- heart pounding, sweating, etc-- drink some water. Stay hydrated.
    Stay calm. Don't sit in the dark-- turn on some lights, watch some cartoons and eat something.
  9. Put on some studio headphones, listen to some really good music, go with the flow, and everything feels better.
  10. smoke moooore :smoking::smoking:
  11. Here's a method only smoke a little and see how u feel after words sometimes it comes from smoking to much to quick

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