how to stop idling through life

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  1. I just go out and meet new people when life gets stale. Girls preferably
  2. Get laid son!

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    Let me smoke and I'll answer tomorrow...

    Edit: Alright, I'm typing this from my phone so forgive me if it's all messed up.

    You have to find a hobby, man. Find something you've always wanted to do/learn and do it. Going back in life is not an option, take what you want and don't look back.
    Sitting and playing games is great at times don't get me wrong. I'll sit and play Skyrim for hours and never move. I'll get out of the house and work on my Jeep or go bowling. I ride my bike and find some nice places around town. Mostly I'll take a nice long ride and find a cool place to smoke and just keep going.

    To wrap it up, I'll say this. Do something that keeps you happy. Even if others think it's stupid, be you and who knows maybe the grass is greener on the other side.
  4. I think everyone was put here for a reason for doing something to satisfy themselves. For some it comes early, for others it can take decades. But more importantly everyone has a fire inside, and its up to each and every one of us to find what ignites it.

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