how to stop idling through life

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  1. You gotta want something bruv. I been idling for the last 4 years and it's cause I haven't had any goals. I was thinking I'm gonna save upo and get a car, getting into some boxing classes, tryna achieve shit. Start small and work your way up. People are gonna flame me for this but drop the herb habit for a while. It isn't the cause of your problems but it keeps you in the rut
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  2. The problem is that there's no reason not to idle through life. There is no goal. Success is subjective.
    Do what you want all of the time unless it presents a serious problem.
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  3. I agree. If you like to play games or sit on your couch thats great. As long as your happy and doing what you want, when you want to do it, its not a waste. Dont let other peoples idea of success or idea of a meaningful life taint your perspective.
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  4. Try to find something that really grabs your attention, it could be anything. Music, writing, fishing, really anything you find interest in, make it a priority. When you begin to really care about something in life and look forward to it, it also helps your overall attitude and motivation a lot. This is coming from a guy that has had major depression since 8 and what I have found works is what I just tried to describe
  5. Best advice i got was to treat this life as a mmorpg. You have skills and talents. For everything you accomplish, you get points. Learning music gives u +2 music and +1 sexyness

    Learning archery adds survival skills. Taking up a new job is +money and +friends

    Life is a game, play it well.

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  6. There's no point, life has no meaning so just do what you want while you're still alive. 
    Ya I'll definitely second that.  When you've been meditating regularly for a while your mind isn't gonna just let you get away with wasting lots of time (whatever that means to you) without feeling like shit.  You'll habitually be in the present rather than zoning out so you'll be more conscious of what you're doing moment to moment and end up valuing your time a lot more.
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  8. Break your routine; try something new! Pick up salsa dancing!

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  9. Greatest way to stop idling through life is to find a grand purpose. Find your passion because anything great comes from work and work comes from passion.
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  10. I just want to say this thread was enough to motivate my lazy ass.

    sent from your mom's house
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  11. *pro tip

    "I smoke blunts to take the pain away, if i wasn't high id probably blow my brains away"
  12. I have been pondering the same question... Subbed!  :bongin:
  13. The answer lies within your soul.
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  14. The motivation is money.
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  15. everyday of my life. All I have ever wanted was to be wealthy, travel the world.

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
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  16. Found this the other day. It's time to make a move.

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!

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  17. I had the same problem as you. I loved video games more than life... Until I turned life into a video game.  I know it sounds kinda cheesy, but it's true.  I started looking at doing new things as new achievements to be unlocked. New places to go as new levels to explore. New people to meet as new characters to interact with and have join my party.
    Sound stupid? Sure feels stupid saying it... But it worked. 
    Now I live my life by two simple words..."Take Action."  It's that simple. I don't sit around thinking about all the things I want. I figure out how to get them, then I take action. I never make excuses. I take action. Stop messing around looking for excuses. Take action. Like right now. Go.
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  18. Travel to these places, maybe? 


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