how to stop idling through life

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  1. I'm sure this is a question many have now...

    Not where you want to be, having trouble getting started.
    don't do much with my life and seems like i waste it. i know what has to be done but just can't get out of this lul. like some invisible wall is like NOPE your stayin here playin games and watching tv for the rest of your life.

    How do you get the motivation to move forward in life, and tare down that invisible wall?

    (do you do so with the help of others or by yourself?  motivational audio tapes?
    just jump in like it's a pool of cold water?
    wait for things to change?
  2. Best advice can give at a moments notice mate; work hard, save up on your cash, book a flight to south east asia, experience the other side of the fence, rinse and repeat as you desire. If you are so inclined of course.. Leaving your country, state or town may never appeal to you and that is a-ok, however, the world is a book and those who don't travel experience but a page. It really is the only way to get richer while spending money.  :bongin:  Cheap weed too.
  3. Well I don't have an answer but eliminating whats holding you back I.e. video games and such, give them up. It will clear your clouded head. You'll have many questions then. Only you can direct your path then.
    This was almost my exact thoughts too. I can honestly say I had issues with videogaming almost my whole life and movies. I did this before anything else in my life, thing is when I got older this became a problem because it was hard to stop..
    Then I did just refuse to play. Stacked my stuff away so I couldn't play and I almost went nuts for a while. Its like a drug really. but then I also have a personality that is very being in my own world. I don't like to be social that much and are not so outgoing so I had to find other things to do that kept me occupied so what I did in the end was begin to go for forest walks. First shorter ones then longer and longer. When I didn't feel to go out I did it anyway and almost everytime I came to the woods the feelings inside of "not wanna do this" went away.
    Nowdays I have a tend and bigger backpack and during summertimes I usually just go out in the forest, out up the tent and spend a few days up to a week there without ever going back to civilisation.
    Its nice and I have so much things to do there. Watching things, reading, going on exploration walks... and I can still be " in my own little word" sort to speak which I was when i played video games too but this is alot more healthy and I feel so much better inside.
    Oh and course course don't forge the weed if you ever try this on :) Its nice to wake up in your ten, role a nice one and open up.. sit in the opening and watch the sun rise over the trees :)
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    The system kind of leaves you in this life-problem after high school, and our generation is kind of the lazy one with the well off (or giving) parents, video gaming...the government, mom, etc. is supposed to do that for me. 
    As cheesy as it is, go to youtube, watch a tony robbins video, one with a good title and what your looking for. He`s a great speaker so it`ll help you get motivated. Prioritize your time, don`t let video games and movies take up that time when your looking for something to do, you should already know what you want to get done. Make a list for yourself of shit that you would like to accomplish (short term and long term) your list will change and you have to be ok with that.
    Personally I meditate, do spiritual things along with meditation, I try and fit it in my daily life as much as possible. Truth be told we should be taught to meditate and all that fun stuff in school, but hey thats why the system is the system. So, if it interests you and you would like to be more conscious of day to day activites and see how your mind greatly influences your life, get started.
    Lastly listen to other peoples advice, be open to anything, be a sceptic, doubt others, use your mind as a tool (the way its meant to be) and don`t let your subconscious control you.
    edit: like others say, travel...Europes an easy and super fun place to be. To expand, drive home on a different route, do things differently, change up your routines, change up your room who knows, get your mind actively seeing things differently
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    Find yourself a cheap hobby and do you. For me, i like to get baked, day trade, swing trade, make money. Pay my bills, save enough to travel.

    Oh, and i got a day job too.
  8. I got to that point were i realised if I keep going the way I'm going I will have wasted my life and missed alot of opportunities, you have to realise we're you want to be at in the next 2-5-10 years and make small goals to meet wether it be save up first 5 months rent to move out.

    Get a car for independence.
    Start growing smoke to save money n to gain a hobby.

    You gotta plan now if not you'll kick yourself in later life... I work in a pub and all I hear from re old boys is "I wish I done that" or "I wish I had a better understanding when I was younger" nows the time dude!
    i also work in a pub. making tips.. i want to travel and go to restaurant to restaurant for work wherever i move. theres no gaurentee ill find a job but maybe based on expirience, telling them what im about, and knowing ALL alcohol will help. 
  10. Why not try to get another skill set behind you just incase, for a chef its so easy to get a job and all you need is a basic grasp of what goes with what and basic hygiene. Plus you can work wherever you want.

    Whatever you do good luck blade, we all need a bit!
  11. I kinda know that invisible wall you talk about, but for me, I feel like it is trapping me in the body of a shy boy. I need to escape to realize my potential as a man. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    if your in a tough position, make the most out of whats around. thats family. nothing physical matters when a family is together living in the moment. dont let money and society break your flow.
  13. find something you really love, whether it's hiking, sailing, painting, find something that feels worth your time and pursue it. This'll really help give your life meaning, perspective, and drive.
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  15. the only way to do it is just do it. sounds easy and I know it isn't but it's all about momentum.
    kick the weed for a little while too, I know it's not what anyone wants to hear but I was in the same position when I wanted to get my art + music started, I would wing it through the day until night when I smoked and I got stuck
    still happens to me now sometimes, I just stop smoking until I get back on track.
    here are some tips that might help:
    -if a job is gonna take less than 5 minutes to do, do it right then and there. do not ever shelf it.
    -sit down and make a plan of what you want to do and what actions you need to complete, asking yourself questions can help
    -break down literally everything you do into little tasks or projects
    -do nothing but focus on ONE of these tasks/projects, don't take any others on, don't try and switch it when you get bored.
    -keep at it everyday
    -when you start getting physically tired/exhausted from doing this every day reward yourself with weed every night after a long day of working on your shit. you will find that you'll be more willing to keep going because you've got that reward and you can play off the weed and use it to be more creative/think up new ideas for what you wanna do. when you get that balance, you're golden man.
    but yeah it's like bungee jumping, you can sit there and plan everything out, get everything ready..but the jump doesn't start until you jump.
    hope this helps. if you're doing something creative or making something I know some other tricks that can help too, something that will make sure you're always working on music/a drawing/whatever and getting things made instead of just fucking around with instruments/pencils or whatever going nowhere, just ask me
  16. My tip: dont get a girlfriend until youre ready to settle down
  17. put forward work and focus on your future goals, whatever they may be.
    Lots of ambition helps!
    make a good living.
    enjoy life
  18. Take every opportunity you have to do something different. Figure out what you want to do, make a plan of execution, and make it happen. You control your fate. And do it because you want to not because of anyone else, nothing can stop your progression in life but yourself. You can do! Good Luck!

    "We can't stop here this is bat country"-Fear and Loathing
  19. start taking some classes at your local CC until you find something that appeals to you. Being a blank canvas is actually sort of exciting, because your whole life is ahead of you.

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