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How to stop email notifications

Discussion in 'New Forum Upgrade Bug Tracker' started by 2CentGuy, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. I don't mind the push notifications, but I don't want emails. How do I opt out?
  2. From a PC or Mac, hover your pointer over your avatar in the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear. Click on *Preferences* and then uncheck receive email notifications as shown in screenshot below.

    Email notifications.PNG
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  3. Thx
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  4. Did all that. They still coming and the tone won't change either
  5. Did you hit "save" when you unchecked the boxes?
  6. Yes i did that. I turned em all off for it to stop
  7. I'll tag @Lizard King the tech wizard king and see if he can help you out.
  8. Really didn't stop then. I uninstalled, restarted phone and comp . thus is a test. We'll see who responds
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  9. Much more than that wrong though. Notification sound can't be changed. Led indicator doesn't change anything either.
  10. LMK if it works.
  11. No more emails. Yet
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