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How to stop coughing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by JohnLajoie, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Ok so i bought my gong bubbler like 4 days ago and every time i use it i cough like a noob toker. You cant put ice in it but i use ICE cold water every time and it doesnt really help. Any tips i can use to stop coughing so much?
  2. u wanna cough...it gets u higher

  3. Uh.. I don't really believe in this myth. I know Pineapple Express is a good source but anyone else have any tips?
  4. Coughing doesn't technicly get you higher, but when your really coughing your ass off then it messes with your breathing habbits which will cause you to go longer times without breathing which will make you lightheaded and slightly euphoric feeling.

    Same thing as blowing smoke into a balloon and re-inhaling it. (Which isn't a good idea, but it gives you a different type of high)
  5. some times shit just makes you cough like some strawberry cough i had. you can smoke it fine, but it'll make you cough w/in 15 seconds of hitting it.

    however, you can take smaller hits. or use a filtration to make it smoother like a bubbler, but a bong will probably just kill your lungs if you take huge rips, you should take small hits for that haha. :smoking: :D
  6. ^If the bud makes you cough a lot it probably wasn't cured right.

    Anyway after you smoke out of the bub for awhile you'll eventually get used to it and be able to take bigger hits.
  7. the whole thing about coughing is this...U cough when you take really big hits or your smoking some really dank bud so its only natural that you would get higher because your taking bigger hits or smoking better weed. I don't believe coughing itself gets you higher. To stop coughing just smoke more, get your lungs use to smoking, thats why beginners usually cough a lot, b/c they can't handle the hit they just took. As you get more experienced you'll have more cough free sessions until you rarely cough unless your taking a huge bong rip and are too stoned to care about the coughing. Happy smoking my friend and enjoy those coughs.
  8. When you get that feeling when your going to cough, blow slowly out. That helps me out most of the time. Doesn't really help when you take a big ass hit off a bong though!

  9. +rep ^^This, Its true when i first began smoking i coughed alot. Now that i have been smoking for so long. I barely cough, aalso if y0ou smoke cigs it will make you cough more. In the long run anyway.

  10. cough syrup
  11. Water and experience.
  12. just take smaller rips if you cough all the time. Taking big rips doesnt make you cool

    you can either take a few big rips or you can take a bunch of smaller ones. its usually the latter for me
  13. Some strains are naturally harsher than others, dunno why, tho.
  14. when i feel a hard cough coming up what i do is i really tense up my chest as much as i can (flex your abs i guess) and then like punch my chest. that helps usually but just bring a bottle of water, insta-cure
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    I agree with the two who said WATER!!
    always stay hydrated during AND after smoking, it helps a lot.

    Don't smoke tobacco(this includes blunts).

    And try to take slightly smaller rips or add more water but test water levels before you light up because you don't want splashback[ew].
    with time and experience younwill get better.
    Take at least 3 large, slow deep breathes in through your nose, and out through your mouth, this helps to warm up your lungs and clear your throatas well. Smoke in an upright position with your shoulders back and back straight, this allows your lungs to expand, and so does raising your arms up in the air.
  16. water does help but when you dont have water what do you do? I cough the most when i exhale so i started exhaling slowly and it helps a good bit so thanks all for the tips
  17. ^^^^THis.
    It's just a smoker's superstition, like don't carry a white lighter.
  18. Cough drops come in handy if you take too big of a hit.

    In fact, a bag of cough drops are a very nice addition to the smoking kit.
  19. well like me and a two friends from college cough all the time.and both have smoked for quite a while and they do it daily.and they say its pretty good quality. so why do we cough then? i havent smoked that many times,so im really a beginner.and we smoke out of a glass pipe

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