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How to stop carpet smelling after spilling bong water advise

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goof, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. The other day i knocked over my beloved bong, it smashed, and water that's been stagnating for about 3 months (im in a sober phase atm, and was too lazy to clean it out) went all over the carpet.

    I'm gonna tell you how i cleaned it, and how to stop it smelling.

    First, i vacuumed all the little bits of glass, and the wet patch (my housemate has stuck some powdery stuff in the hoover that imparts a 'nice' smell). Then i got a dish cloth and scrubbed to soak up more water. Next, i sprayed some carpet cleaner on it (make sure you buy carpet cleaner before you need it...the longer you leave bong water, the worse it gets). Follow instructions on the bottle.

    The smell still remained. I tried febreezing it, nothing happened. More carpet cleaner, still the smell remained.

    The magic ingredient...old spice deodorant (im sure any deo would work). Next time i went into my room, no smell. WHOOP WHOOP.

    cool story bro

    Now u know what to do if/when you spill bong water on your carpet.

    Disclaimer: My carpet is one of those shitty carpets that you'd find in a vetenary reception or something, multicoloured; grey, black, brown, white. So, its hard to tell if it left a stain. If you spill horrible brown bong water on your mums lovely cream carpet, you might have to put more effort into stain removal, im not sure.
  2. NEVER spill the bong water.

    Try oxy clean.
  3. You should've just dumped more bong water on it instead of wasting all those resources

    The original bong water wouldn't have smelled nearly as bad when compared to the new bong water.
  4. You can incorporate baking soda somewhere in your strategy to try to help get rid of the smell. Literally just dump a pile of baking soda on the spill and let it sit (the longer the better). Works just like a box of Arm and Hammer does in your fridge. Vacuum it all up after it has sat for a while and you are (somewhat) good to go.

    I say somewhat, because in my experience the only true fire way to 100% clean a carpet, is to pay someone to clean your carpet (or rent a rug doctor)
  5. This is when I absolutely love my job as a carpet cleaner!! :D also after any party we throw, last week I had strawberry margarita stains all over my dining room after a long night of rita pong, it all cleaned up in about 5 min
  6. if it was a cheap carpet id just buy a new one lol
  7. someone spilled something at work and they ended up cutting out a section or carpet and replacing it. luckily the carpet was new. i'd try wetting the spot with cold filtered water and vacuuming with a wet and dry vac.

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