How to stop ash gettin in mouth?

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  1. How do you stop ash gettin in your mouth with a pipe?
  2. i used to use a silk cloth to block the ash on the mouth end or get a metal screen but once you smoke pipes enough you will find that you just stop doing it and learn when to stock in haling
  3. Don't suck so hard next time :laughing:
  4. Or when your picking out a bowl, remember to look for a small mouthpiece and small bowl or at least a bowl that won't allow for bud to be sucked through.
  5. i have seen my friends use their shirt to cover the mouth piece when the bowl is almost dust and hit it through that and the ash is never inhaled.
    I like to pack a very small nug at the bottom and grind the rest of the bud.
  6. Good thing to do is just buy some screens for your pipe :smoke:

  7. I make a small ball of ground up herb by squeezing it together from different sides about 3 or 4 times and using it as a bud plug. It's gotta be fresh ground and good bud though, or it wont stick together.
  8. I use a metal screen. But since i smoke often it gets clogged up pretty quick. Might just start using a cloth of some sorts..
  9. Glass screen.

    Can't guarantee it'll completely stop it, but they're fucking sweet. Much better than nasty ol' metal screens.
  10. Nug plug
  11. glass screens.. suck slower as the bowl gets close to kicked.. another option is buy a pipe that has a bend in it.. more likely the ash will catch on the crook in the glass.. then fly all the way back to your mouth.. sherlocks.. hammers.. sidecars.. all great options to minimize getting shit on
  12. Bubblers are a good option as well. A little more of a hassle than dry pipes, but they're sweet.
  13. thats why i smoke my bong all day.i always think that a little piece of ash or bud will go into my lungs when im smokin my piece.shits scary
  14. OP - Do you spit or swallow? Just wondering.....

  15. Clean your pipe out man, you are probably pulling too hard.
  16. [quote name='"Ebook"']Good thing to do is just buy some screens for your pipe :smoke:[/quote]

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  17. If I've got a few stems around I just break them into smaller pieces and make a little X out of them as best I can at the bottom of the bowl, or I'll just drop a little ungrinded piece in that's just big enough to prevent stuff from falling through. Not ever cleaning your resin out can also act as a screen too but I'm not a fan of how hard it is to pull smoke through.

    Also, when you're down to your last 1 or 2 ashy looking hits you should pull gently just so the bottom doesn't cave in and you end up eating shit with all that ash hitting the back of your throat, shit sucks

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