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How to stomach the taste of weed?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Lupz, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. To me, its fucking disgusting. Every bite I end up gagging and almost throwing up.

    Any tips / foods / drinks I can use while eating firecrackers to help me not vomit?
  2. OJ son. Next time make the "Easiest edible ever, cannapeanutbutter" I think its called something like that. It tastes fine.
  3. OJ actually worked surprising amazing!

    +rep thanks dude
  4. Yeah its an aquired taste. Sometimes I will put a nug between my cheek and gum and jus nibble
    at it little by little. Ya know kinda like an edible chew. When i've had enough of that i grind the rest
    up with my front teeth and take a drink. I don't do this too often but a nice little treat once in awhile.
    Not a bad way to go if yar out and about with others who don't toke.
  5. Start chewing on the stems. No joke.

    When I first started toking, I used to chew on the stems just because. Fast forward to my first edible and I thought it was delicious, as I did with any other edible since then. Acquired tastes and all that.

    Then again, that could be wrong, I have no clue. XD
  6. This is gonna sound horrible, and it looks like OJ helped ya out, but If you take a big bite of peanut butter right before ANYTHING disgusting you have to eat, the peanutbutter just sticks to every part of your mouth and makes it impossible to taste anything.
  7. cover it up with something sweet, thats what I dowith cannabutter
  8. If the taste bothers you that much then why not just make brownies or cookies?
  9. Yeah, I never could feel anything. no relief nothing....But I love the taste of cannabis flowers.:hello: First post...long time lurker. Thanks GC.

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