How To Stay Warm This Winter

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  1. It has gotten to be too cold again. There is a way to weather the storm. I have been a convert into clumping for a while. Anyone else? Tomorrow we plan on getting as many dudes together. Instead of moving as individuals, we close in and move as a tight clump and walk around. That way we stay warm and close together. It looks a little off but I remember last year it worked out well. Tips? suggestions? I guess this could be the official clumping thread

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  3. that sounds real cool and all but I think ill stick to my 12$ long john shirt... seems to do the trick
  4. Love penguins
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    Nothing, it's 85 degrees outside so I have nothing to worry about except blasting the a/c all day.
  6. I'm gonna visit royk :D she lives in the warmth
    Come visit! We'll smoke the ganja and hang by the beach :cool:
  8. Was over at a friend's house last night. Walked into the kitchen to cure some particularly gnashty cottonmouth and the oven was open, on at 350 degrees, and they had a fan blowing in front of it to get all the warmth circulating through the house.
    Anyone else think this is kind of dumb? Or am I dumb? I mean I guess you'll save on the heating bill but it's an electric stove...  :laughing:
  9. ^My friends did that back in the day bc they lived at a place that used LP for heating the house, and when they'd run out they'd use the stove bc it was run on electricity. 
    One way or another whoever is living there will pay for it. 
  10. If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band..
  11. wood stove....cut down a few trees....your set
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    Wear your pants properly. (hint: Not on your head :p)
  13. if you had a really really fat chick or even two of them..warmth problem solved
  14. Shove my hands down my pants and grip my nuts. Like those handwarmer packets, but cheaper and always available.
  15. Get some bubblewrap and tape it to your windows. It can make quire a bit of difference!

    Before the storm, clean your house and dump the trash. You may be without power for a while.

    Fill a few gallon milk jugs with water. We also have a 5 gallon gas jerrycan filled with water for flushing.

    Do you have a way to cook if the power goes off? My son had noticed that the Coleman stove needed new gaskets. He got them yesterday for less than a buck. At 4 AM this morning, the power went off. He had a hot breakfast because he fixed the Coleman. (Great timing on his part! lol)

    Do you have "heat and eat" foods? A battery operated radio? Batteries? A solar charger for your cell phone? A stash of any needed medications and basic essentials like toilet paper, etc?

    Do a little thinking now to save yourself a lot of grief later!

  16. I want a weed baby! (Kinda like a sugar baby) lol
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    I just make myself a big cardboard box with holes for my legs and to see out of, then I attach a generator and a space heater inside. Works like a charm. 
  18. Eh, fuck it. Just move to Australia.
    It's worked pretty well for me. :cool:
    (Except I'm leaving in three weeks to spend the winter in Japan and China. Seriously, I don't know how I'm going to deal with it.)

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