how to stay higher off a bowl longer?

Discussion in 'General' started by sunshine530, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I've heard of taking hits and drinking water before exhaling, and random shit. But what really works that you know of and/or tried?
  2. First thing doesnt sound right lol But you could corner the bowl and wait every two minutes to take another
  3. If you have acces to oil and keef mix them together to form a nice puddy.Then brake up some bud and mix it with the oil and keef.It should burn alot longer than your average bowl.Other than that Id just hold the hit in and smoke it slowly.Taking a hit every 5 or so minutes.
  4. But thatd probably be all expensive haha damn that sounds amazing though
  5. pack a fatter bowl

  6. somehow i think that's not really what he was looking for lol
  7. This.

    Sometimes people make a thread asking how they can get superstoned from 0.2 grams

    You can't.

    Just get enough weed to toke until you fall asleep :smoking:
  8. Buy a vape.
  9. get into single serving edibles imo
  10. Don't munch out right after you smoke.
  11. Seriously? Nobody's mentioned the mighty gravity bong yet?
  12. Don't eat for 2 days, Drink a lot of water, Take a lot of fish oil, Do some meditation and then take some deep breaths. Then take a huge hit. Then expel the hit and breathe very deeply for 10 or so seconds. You will get very high. Also don't eat when you get high and it will last longer. Stay hydrated.
  13. I think the best way to stay high off a bowl is to take little hits, don't scorch the entire bowl or you'll exhale a lot of wasted smoke. Just take enough of a hit to fill half your lungs, keep inhaling oxygen after you stop hitting the ball until your lungs are full then exhale when you can't hold your breath any longer. It absorbs the most THC. When people exhale giant clouds of smoke all I can imagine is how much of a high they just wasted. And also take deep breaths of oxygen in between your hits. It increases your blood flow, which means the THC moves faster.
  14. :eek: I was just about to say grav bong. I have one of those, fuck man. .3 gram in one little bowl and your so done.

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