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  1. Ok, for all those that are a little worried about posting on here, or anywhere else for that matter, I have compiled a short tutorial for staying anonymous online.

    So here's a quick guide to staying anonymous online:

    Before you start I recommend using the following links to see what information you are giving away:
    What the Internet knows about you
    Stay Invisible is an Internet anonymity test that helps you to control your online privacy and anonymity.

    I would also advise visiting this link, it shows what ports are vulnerable to attack etc:

    1) Use a software firewall as well as a hardware firewall - I personally use Comodo, its free and easy to use, another good one is Zone Alarm, although I find this interferes a little too much!

    2) Connect through DNS servers, there are plenty of pay per month ones out there but I personally use the Tor network, again its free and easy to use.

    3) When you have the above setup go to the above three links again and you should be able to get the following:

    the internet knows nothing about me.jpg

    i now have an american IP address.jpg

    port probe 1.jpg

    port probe 2.jpg

    As you will see in the port probe 2 picture port 443 is open, this is ok because the website i am connected to is https, not http, which is port 80, so needs to be open to run the test's, port 80 is closed, all the other ports are showing as stealth so can't even be seen by anyone else!

    If using a DNS server then all the ports will show as stealth unless you are on a https site, which is a secure site, things like banking, e-commerce etc.

    Hope this helps and encourages people to use forums like this more often!

    One thing I will note: When using DNS servers your connection may seem a little bit slower, but sometimes not noticeable, so you may need to be a little patient with some task's and on some sites!

  2. Great info man :) Def helps out, Im always a little nervous posting my grow pics here haha...this helps though +1 rep
  3. Ye I think a lot of people are like that, I know I defo used to be. Glad to be of assistance and thanks for the rep man. :)
  4. You can also use a VPN is you really want to stay protected.
  5. Absolutely Mister 420, people let me know if you would like a short tutorial on this as well, although I figured most people reading this would be a little, shall we say, worse for ware, :smoke: so thought id start with the easier of the two, lol!
  6. The best thing I ever did was get my caregiver license. I don't have to be candid anymore.
  7. That's great, how ever, could you expand on your post a little, like, whats a caregiver license and how it helps to stay anonymous online?


  8. "Caregivers" provide patients with Medical Marijuana...hence a "Let them know who I am " attitude:D..

    Its a nice feeling
  9. Also when taking picture with phones remember to turn off your gps or remove the exif data, free program ‘exif remover“.

    I've seen hundreds of pictures that could be traced to the location within a few meters
  10. If you want to stay anonymous online just use a proxy and never use your real name. Idiots hack into government systems (most commonly NMCI) all the time using multiple proxy sites they found using google.
  11. give me liberty or give me death
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    Do you know how to turn off the gps for an iPhone?

  14. Settings -> General -> location services OFF.
  15. how do you use a proxy? maybe a dumb ?

  16. And those who cause mass damage are almost always caught. It is hard to be one person with an entire cybercrime task force against you. You can be the best blackhat in the world and get caught anyway when you have 100's of people and systems looking for you.

    I do ethical and whitehat security work for corporations. I can tell anyone reading this thread you better take what is being said here with a grain of salt. Yes these methods can help you hold some measure of privacy online, but be aware they can all be defeated with the right tools and people. Of course that takes money and resources so if they do not already suspect you then chances are unless you do something really really stupid they are not looking your way.

    Hey if you really want anonymity learn to wardrive hack WEP,WPA,WPA2(AES) and use other peoples connections. Just don't go back to the same signal twice. And buy a long range wireless adapter.

    Anyone attempting any of this should research and teach themselves about a few key networking concepts before attempting this. You can get caught and you can go to jail for it. I am not in anyway condoning illegal use of protected networks I am only saying any of this for educational purposes.

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