How to start your year off right

Discussion in 'General' started by wheresmyroller, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So I went out into the woods behind my house this morning to scope out some decent dead-fall limbs and trees to poach for the fireplace. Found some pretty good stuff, but my best find was when I was exiting the wood.

    A few feet from the tree line I happened to look down at the right spot. There, buried in leaves, dirt and a little snow I found a bong.

    I'm not a bong connoisseur, so I don't really know how well it's made. It doesn't have a bowl or a down-stem, but the base and tube are all in one piece.

    On top of that, my aunt gave me some pretty righteous bud for Christmas. So, I think the universe is telling me to smoke more weed... :hello:

    Got pics on my phone, just gotta find my micro sd adapter, which will be an adventure in and of itself.
  2. I started off my new year with a mindset with only appreciation and anticipating my life only getting better if I work hard enough. I'm glad you started off your new year wind such a positive attitude, I myself made quit smoking and drinking for my new year resolution but to each their own. :)

  3. That's crazy. Stop drinking AND smoking? why though? :confused:

    I'm not the religious type, but that sure as hell sounds like a sign to keep smoking:D:bongin:
  4. Honestly I'm just trying to get my life on track, just trying to be very clear-minded and have my goals and ambitions in place. Getting high or drunk with buddies of course is not how I picture myself, if I could enjoy company with friends or by myself without the use of drugs or alcohol why not just quit? Saves money in my pocket, and I won't have to experience that "burning out" or "hungover" sensation anymore so it works out. I don't know if I'm permanently giving up on it, or when I'm going to start using again but for now I'm just laying off the stuff. Thanks for asking :)

  5. I can understand that. It always nice to take a break (or quit), not just so you can get your life straightened out, but sometimes its just nice to mix things up a little.

    I've been high pretty much every night that last year, and I'm considering taking a break. It's not the same anymore, and as you said, it would save money and give me time to do more productive shit.
  6. No doubt brother man! I am currently over 48 hours sober, haha I'm not keeping count or anything but it's a start and I personally have no desire to smoke. My friends smoke infront of me, even ask if I want pulls or even offer to "spark me up" but I just refuse, it's not awkward for me or anything because we're just friends having a good time. Also, it's always funny to watch the nooby smokers act crazy and to bring up "I'm glad I quit smoking", it just brings so many laughs :)

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