How to start up a growroom?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by stoner_boy, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Hey, i'm hopefully getting some clones soon and i need to know what i would need to get a grow room started up?

    I was mainley concentrating on outdoor growing but i've been given the opertunity to get some clones so i've taken it.

    i'm hopefully getting roughly 2 females and what do i really need? i don't have alot of money so i'm goin for the cheap option. The staines early girl but i don't know how developed they'll be i'll have to find out and then i'll post it up.

    What should i have on my shopping list? Will the buying of lights and the running of lights be expensive?

    Peace and happy toking
  2. If your going outdoors a floro setup would work best because all you need to do is change the bulbs from the warm/cool mix from flower to all cool spectrum for veg and you have an awsome veg box. If you plan on going outdoors then the amount you can get from 1-2 harvests under 4x4' floros should be enough to supply you for the summer till you get your outdoor harvest.


    2x shoplight fixtures

    4x "cool" spectrum bulbs

    3x warm spectrum bulbs (one blue for flower to keep short)

    2x fans one for venting air out of the room and one for circulation

    soil bags

    vermaculite and pearlite

    some 10-10-10 ferts for 1-2 light ferts durring veg

    miracle grow 15-30-15 for flower or something with high P and less N. (you cant burn with P so go high)

    If you want to go organic you need manure, or compost and bat guano for flower teas. I recomend organic

  3. you'll need a rooting hormone ofr rooting those cuttings.

    like rootone.;)
  4. the plants will be about 2-4 inches high the staines Early girl and there in soil.

    I've been looking up ways of making a cheap growroom i don't have alot of money so it's got to be the cheap option. any1 know anygood sites that can tell me how to make a cheap grow room.

    Peace and happy tokin.
  5. yup:D i have my plantss vegging in that same setup while i'm workin on my box:D......

    wont work too good if ya live with your parents though......cause its not exactly stealth;)
  6. For flower buy a 2x 42 or 3x 23 watt warm Compact floro bulbs the 42 are $10 a pop and the 23 are about $20 for 4 if you get a discount pack about $7 if bought single. also you will want 2-3 daylight bulbs that re extremly ble and kick ass for tight node spaced plants andgive you a higher female ratio. Do a ScrOG if you plan on doing an indoor grow it in. You will need about 2' minimum height and somewheere in the range of 1 square foot. if you want to just veg for outdors make a box like i wil be making in a few weeks once i fire up my next years outdoor grow.

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