how to start indoors and then move to outdoors?

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  1. this is my first time growing and i want to try to grow 5 plants. I live in western Washington and the weather up here is pretty rough. so i wanted to start them indoor so they are a little stronger when they get out side. i was wondering what kind of lights i would need to get 5 plants to be about a foot tall
  2. Look into t5s they are cheap and great for vegging.

    For 5 plants I would recommend a 4 footer with 4 bulbs same thing I got

    Check out my journal I'm doing the same thing.

    Veg indoor and flower outside
  3. feels a bit overkill for just 5 plants is there anyway to do it cheaper? i dont need to have them go though full veg just get them a bit stronger so they cant be killed as easy
  4. Cfls...

    6500K color bulbs

    Gonna need at least 50-100 watts per plant. Actual watts not equivalent

  5. you think these would do it?
  6. Maybe 3-4 of those will probably get you by
  7. thank you so much for your help, im new to all this growing stuff and its very over welming at times
  8. No problem

    Best would be 4 of those bulbs. Just google DIY Cfl grow light. It will give you tons of ideas.

    Spend 1 hour on YouTube and I bet you will come up with something
  9. Some basic rules for outside.. June 1st is the usual set out day.. Your latitude is further north so you can set out a bit sooner but it's chancy the earlier you try
    Clones and seedlings more then 30 days old can't go out much before June 1st without early flowering..
    Seedlings need 30 days to mature so they can be started outside a month early or the first week of May..
    If you start before that to get a bigger plant to set out you'll need to time match to outside fairly close or again they'll flower early from light shock..
    16-8 or 17-7 seems the best time match..
    Depending on how closely you can babysit your plants will determine how you'll need to light them.. If you can set them out each day for natural sun you'll just need enough light to keep them awake the remaining hours.. A few 23 watt CFLs will do.. If you can't set them out at all you'll need to create a space with enough light to really grow under.. CFLs are less then ideal for that and you can get more light cheaper with less power consumption using T5s high outputs..

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  10. in your opinion is it worth it to even start them indoors, or just start them out door June first? i dont really care to much about yield im a pretty light smoker and just wanted to have a bit that i grew my self
  11. Since seedlings take a month to mature they can be started a month early so fire them the last week of April and they should give you max veg time for your area.. It'll get you a good crop if you pay attention to your IPM (invasive pest management) and harvest before the weather turns to shit and mold becomes a real issue..
    It's tough to grow in the PNW with mid range hybrids doing best.. You need the openness of a sativa with the fast finish of an indica..
    Budworms AKA caterpillars and the ever present Powdery Mildew are the 2 big ones..
    BT for the worms and Green Cure for the Mildew-molds

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  12. Get the t5 it will veg them thicker for sure. CFL is an ok option.

    Invest now. Better end product.

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