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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kunoichi, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Thank you in advance for all the info you can give me about it... I have some seeds and desire to grow them, but how I can do it with the positive result?
  2. hey hows it going, I just set up here myself, Im no expert and I would say read all you can on forums like this first, I started a couple of years ago and managed to grow better smoke than I EVER bought, without boring you heres the quick run down, find a secure spot, germinate seeds, plant sprouts, run light cycle for 24hours for 1-2-3 months depending on size you can handle, turn lights to 12hour cycle until plants start to sex, male, female or hermie, kill ALL males and hermies (trust me on this one!)also keep in mind that the plant will grow 2-3times its size after changing light cycle, let your females bud until at least half of the hairs are red, harvest, dry until it will smoke easily. now there are alot of variables I have not mentioned, ie soil medium, lighting (and by the way during the 12hour cycle of no light they must have NO light period),ventilation, soil additives and so on, you will probably get good advice from the people on this forum but from my experiance I kept it simple and did pretty good, If you want to here more from me let me know other wise read,read,read, Good luck
  3. LMAO........^^^ that's the best one yet.....KISS....= keep it simple stupid.......that's basically it with a lot of minor stuff as advice.......Peace out......Sid
  4. ...start with the best possible seeds.
    -put em in a mug and soak for 24 hours in tepid water.
    -then take em one by one and fold em in little pieces of
    -keep em moist but not wet until taproot sprouts(2-3 days)
    -buy a starter seed kit from nursery and place 1/4''
    deep. taproot down.
    -After that read up on it and good luck.

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