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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ifce, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. Im a new grower and want to start just like one or two plants in the woods. theres a large nature preserve near my house, and ive found some pretty good spots that get a lot of light and are safe. should i just take the seeds and plant them in that soil or should i bring in my own soil, im not worried about a huge crop, i dont smoke that much, any tips that any of you could give me would be greatly appreciated, ive been having a hard time finding anything in this forum
  2. also, when should i start to plant, right now (beginning of april) it is really rainy and pretty cold, 40's and 50's. It warms up really fast here, by the beginning of may it is in the 70's and will get to be 90's during the summer, there is not alot of rain during the summer though, if anybody could tell me when to plant and maybe an idea of when to harvest that would be a huge help
  3. woods and growing weed dont mix.

    it might look bright now but wait till the leaves fill out on the trees.
  4. this spot is like a 10' x 10' field that ive known for a while, and it gets sun in the summer
  5. lets see how do i explain this...

    ur plants should get a good 8 hrs a day of sun.

    inside of a woods, if u can achive that...its not a woodland.

    a woodland by definition is a area that when u look up, u see only 50% (or less) of the sky in the summer. 50% of the sky = 4 or less hours of sun light.
  6. ok, so forgetting what its called for a minute,

    what are the chances of him succesfully growing there?

    and would he need his own soil or wud that depend on wat soil was already there?

    im pretty curious about growing like that too.

    what time of year would be best to start that growing also?
  7. Yeah I found a good spot it seems in a nice clearing. I'm think I probably need to germinate before I plant my seeds. What do you think? I also know it would probably be good if I did this real soon. I'm just going to grow at least 3 plants and hope that at least 2 are females.
  8. Yea im planning on growing outside too. I live in ga, to the weather is really good for growing. I found a nice clearing on a hilltop that is just off my property. The woods im gwoing in was clear cut about 8 years ago, so the there isnt any big trees around, just alot of thick ndergrowth and some volentaty pines. The clearing is on top of a hill that looks like it will recieve a good amount of sunklight, and at the bottom of the hill, there is a sewerline running and the is usually some standing water (not sewage, but the line is located in a little valley that holds water) so i should be able to transport water to my plants without anyone seeing me.

    I would definatly recomend germinating. I did that last year, and i kept them in small pots until they reached 9-12 inches in height before i planted them in the ground. I think i started them a little early last year, so im going to wait until may to get them going.
  9. Well look at the soil. If it looks like pure, sand, gravel, or clay it prob won't cut it. If it looks like brown or black dirt....then its likely good. I usually mix in a little organic mulch from the area, some rotting leaves, grass, stuff like that. Ive also found black soil grows best over brown.

    Your best bet nomatter what the soil is to mix in a little triple 12 fert right when you plant your seedling, then again in about 6 weeks. Or use miracle grow and its own directions.

    As said, its important that you get good sun. So make sure its clear to the south, so if there are trees they are on the north side. This way you will still get lots of sun. Also water, water is important early in the veg state for the first 5 weeks or so. This so the plant can establish its own deep roots to obtain water. So water it good at first and accordingly as it dries in the summer......once a week is usually good. So plant near a water source so you don't have to carry water in, you can just stash a bucket and use it.

    Then just grow.
  10. ive been thinking it would be pretty stealth to like climb a really tall tree, and start your plant in a 5 gallon bucket (either black or camo painted) and just climb the tree to check on it every few days.... water it if needed, and away you go.... it would be up above rabbits and deer, whcih would be the main things eating the plants in my area, and t gets full sun all day....

    i was also thinking of a way of grafting a cutting into a shrub that grow commonly in the area that you live, and let it get all it water from the main plant (say a small tree or something...) i know the buds wouldnt get to the same size as a solitary plant, but your could graft tons of starts into all sorts of things...
  11. ok, so forgetting what its called for a minute,

    the reason i posted that info is to show that if u truely are in a woods...u dont get jack for sun and its useless to grow there. 4 hr is not enough for anything but a weakass plant.
  12. well, as i was searching around, i found this article on grafting....

    if anyone who knows anything about grafting (uhhum, froggy perhaps...) to give an opinion on this method... my guess (albeit worthless since i know basicly nothing about grafting) is that afew of these techniques might work, but i dont think the plant wouolld end up getting to the same size as it would if it had its own roots.... but hell, 1 small plant growing 40' up a 2' diameter tree seems to be worth it just for the expeirimental stealth value if you ask me :D

  13. hey, I was thinking the same thing. But I always have helicopters flying over my house and the trees around me a huge. to say the least. BUt get back to us if you do it.

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