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How to start Coffee Shop

Discussion in 'General' started by fenwood, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. Hey all,
    Wondering if any of u can help me out. I would like to start up a coffee shop in Netherlands but cannot find out how to apply for a license, what laws apply, ect. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I seriously want to do this. Also, do you have to be a citizen of NL to start a business there? Do coffeeshops grow all their own weed or do some get it elsewhere?
  2. Sorry do dissapoint you, but start a new coffeeshop, forget it, only way you could try is to buy an existing one (and bring a couple of million dollars with you), the goverment is realy realy strict on the new coffeeshop policy.

  3. How about to start a coffee shop which doesnt sell weed?
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