how to start a garden?

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  1. what are the first couple basic steps to start growing a outdoor plant, from scratch with just seeds, what matierials, what to do, etc..

  2. Well, get a pick axe, seeds, lime, ph tester, bone meal, blood meal, cottonseed meal, manure, and find a good spot that will allow for 6 hours of direct light a day. The light prefferably should either be morning or evening sun. Turn under patch with pick axe and ph test. Add lime if too acidic, but mj is a slightly acidic plant. Add your nutrients and turn under. Dropp seeds in bowl of water leave in room temp.. The seeds that sink in 24-32 hours are the good ones. Plant the good seeds in high grade soil mix using the 72 plant trays. Keep moist with bottom watering. The water cycle for mj is dry to wet, dry to wet. Keep damp until seed pop up and colyden leave (the round ones)show. Go pick axe patch again and make sure you do it while it is dry. Never work wet ground becouse it will get clumpy. Plant seedlings when they have 3 sets of true leaves on them. Make shure your seedling didnt stretch do to lack of light. Plenty of light wont hurt the seedlings, it will harden them. Soo take hardened seedlings to patch and plant in rows. Plant plenty becouse half will be males and you will want plenty of plants to choose the strongest genetics in first cull. After you plant seedlings go back June-July first and cull the weak plants. If plants are about 2 foot tall you can sex them. Take a magnifying glass since you are a noobie at this. Look at one of the crotches near the top of plant, where fan leaf, new branch, and stalk meet. You will see two "knife blades" on stalk. There at this meeting place you will see either a long skinny shaped thing like a finger with or without a hair comming out, or you will see a "crabb claw " or short knott. You want the longer thingy with the hair "stigma". Alltho 50% chance the female wont have a stigma. The crabb claw or short stubby knott is a male. Jerk the male up and clean roots of dirt and break apart and thro in woods somewhere. Now you have females. Work top of soil about 4 " and then camoflauge with leaves. Dont camo with pine needles they are too acidic, matter of fact dont grow in pine thicket at all. Most patches are cought with the helocopter and they look for trails and worked ground, soo dont go to the patch every day. Only go when you have to. The next time you should visit is first of August. My plants click the switch and go into flowering on august first. Go look for hermorphodites. If you see any little balls hanging off a plant, kill that sumbitch. Go back after 4 weeks and look for mold. Mold is bad shit. Mold is grey foam rotting the bud. Take a branch that has mold and put it in a garbage bag without it touching any other plant becouse it has spores. Take branch home and cut out mold. Dry and smoke branch, get high and watch the weather. Now that you have some bud and maybe a few large colas, you must be aware of steady drizzles that wont allow drying of bud to keep mold down. Get big colos before 2-3 day fall drizzles. To dry your pot hang upside down in dark with it not touching anything. The dark helps the branches burn sugars and keep working for a day or soo. Dont have the branches touching anything while drying becouse the reefer will pick up flavors like paper and that sucks. Have a small fan in the room barely stirring the air, dont blow at branches, direct it towards a wall. Reefer is ready when they burn slow and steady in an ocb"no glue" leaving a light colored ash.

    p.s. you should never half to hand water plants. If you worked your garden correctly the roots should had sunk in and be able to take a pretty harsh drought without loosing turger. If you have to hand water your messing up.

  3. this post would cover many questions i have seen on the board.

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