How to start 12/12?

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  1. I have three plants, two have pre flowered female but third one hasn't pre flowered. One of them has grown huge both horizontally and vertically and I think it's time to put them all into flowering so I don't face any height issues during flowering. Firstly, is there anything I can do to extend my veg cycle to let other plants grow a bit but slow the growth for the one growing tall? How should I switch into flowering. I'm under an MH bulb right now... should I put them into 12 hrs of darkness first and then switch out the bulb for an HPS... OR put the HPS in and then start 12/12?Also, should I flush before putting into flowering? I've heard pre flower flush is actually stressful on the plant? What do you guys recommend? I'm thinking of starting tmrw since I watered today with big bloom and grow big... would I need to add flowering nutes next watering or the watering after that?
  2. @[member="kanvict"]., there's a number of factors that play into that decision. I'm still learning, but there are plenty of veterans on the board that are happy to help you through every stage of your grow from lollipoping to supercroping... so many things to learn - check out, who we call Obi One on this, very active thread

    And, have fun. 
  3. switching to 12/12 isn't a magic trick.  Just change the timer to anything that is 12/12.  Wait till the plant starts flowering before you change the bulb.
  4. You don't want to slow down the growth of the more robust plants -- let the runt of the litter catch up rather than try to handicap the rest down to its level. If your issue is height, control it with LST.
    When you switch to 12/12 easiest to just start a 12 hour dark cycle, switch the bulb then, and continue. In fact some folks give the plant a super-extended dark period, like 36 hours, to "jump start" the flowering reaction. Not proven that this works, but I do it. It's also a good time to adjust the plants' schedule to match yours.
    Flushing when switching to flowering can be a good idea. Depends on your soil and nutes, if you're all organic you may not need it, but generally salts and excess nutes and waste byproducts can build up in the soil so if the plants have been vegging a whiles (as it sounds like they have) then a flush can cleanse that out of the soil. Especially since you will be wanting to switch from a veg to a flower fert, good to get any leftover veg ferts out of the soil.
  5. 12 hours on 12 hours off in a day. never let light leak in during the dark period. try to be precise but its ok to mess up here and there.  timer isnt needed if you just remember to flip lights.  try to flip them at 12 then you'll remember....timers mess up often.

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