how to sprout fast?

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  1. i have my seeds in thees little soil things called peat pellets they are small dirt discs and when tou put warm water on them they expand into marshmellow sized dirt lumps. i have had my seeds in them for a week in my dark closet and theyt havent sproutd yet should i put them in the sun light all day and moist will they sprout faster?
  2. Theres not really a way to make them sprout fast maybe putting a heat pad under the pots because the heat helps a little but you just gotta sit back and wait for them to sprout if this is your first grow I know exactly what your going through being impatient for the seedlings to sprout I think most beginners get this feeling youll get used to it wait a few more days and if they dont sprout somthing is probably wrong oh ya where are these seeds from?bagseed?
  3. thanks for the quick reply and the good info.
  4. I hope your grow works out but next time plz dont use those jiffy-7 pellet and for that matter.... NO PEAT MOSS. just use a pearlite soil mix (40/60 pearlite/soil) mix in party cup with small draining holes at the bottom........ ugh fine Ill walk you through only bc i feel bad when people waste a seeds potential.

    Germination: in an airtight/almost airtight container put a paper towel down then your seeds (make sure there is some space between... then another two paper towels on top. pour in some water till its wet (i would tip it to the side for a couple of seconds so excess runs off.) cover and put in a dark warm place, a heating pad on LOW will help, but is not necesary. Check it twice a day for moisture and to let the air circulate. When the taproot comes out (white thing at the bottom) which may take a while, you get your supplies ready.....

    First "Pots": use a party cup with small drain holes at the bottom. fill em with the mixture i said up there. and water them and let them sit for 10-15 to drain....... Make sure is loose and damp---leaning towards wet but not too wet---- damp lol.

    Transplant: Take the seeds with a small teaspoon to your cups. use a pen to make a hole at the center of the cup about an inch deep. carefully place the seed taproot down (if it lands on the side dont worry playing with it more may kill it, trust me i have tried that) cover hole with LOOSE soil- meaning the sprout can easily come out.

    Everything else: cover cups with baggies to keep moisture in. and keep cups in a room where it does get too much light but still has a little(personal pref. some ma say no light). Again it helps if you use a heating pad. In a few days sprout should come out.

    Oh yah i forgot to tell you the taproots sometimes come out at diffrent times so dont give up and throw the rest away.

    This better finger hurt- good luck

  5. thanks i have changed my mind to your way thanks for the info.
  6. sounds like you didn't germinate...

    That ups your chances of plants sprouting. Red tag hit the nail right on the head. Follow his advice and you should be seeing some little babies within a few days. You can also check out the germination sticky. I think its in absolute beginners... :confused:

    Edit: Yep, there it is...
  7. I germinate using the paper towel the plastic tupperware containers, after they sit one good day in the wet paper I then put them on a low setting heating pad... I have nearly a 100% rate within 72 hours this way.
  8. Excellent info :smoke:

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