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How to spot progananda

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Legalizeitalrdy, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Foundation for a Drug Free World: Substance & Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Education & Intervention

    Take a good look at this video and answer me any of these people look like they actually know what they are talking about or are they just saying random works and facts? I hate bullshit. The people in the film don't even look like they are sharing a very personal story about addiction, they just seem to be going along with a script

    They do not seem to be:
    -physically damaged (from the supposed large amounts of meth they did)
    -knowledgeable on what they are discussing

    They also seem to jump from marijuana to any drug after.

    The foundations own idiocy completely hurts their own argument when trying to breed with the youth of today.

    Edit-Look how they spell kush..just saying..
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    Who's fault is that? I smoked weed throughout high school and now I'm in college... Oh jeez, you start doing meth, heroin and coke? Again, who's fault is that? I've been smoking for 4 years and I'm not addicted to any one of those things... And I've been OFFERED all of them... I said no then, and i will say no now, every.single.time. I can take month long t-breaks and be perfectly fine. I don't "fiend" for it like these people in the video are claiming... What kills me most is the fact that people ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS!!

    Well I don't know about you, but when I'm smoking the last thing I do is go 80... Maybe smoking weed didn't make you crash... Maybe it was the fact that you were going 80...

    Really? I hang out with people who would never hang out with me again if I did other drugs... The gateway theory is obviously false... YOU choose to do a drug! No drug can FORCE you to do another drug...

    If you can't take a reasonable t-break every now and then, you might be kind of addicted, psychologically. I don't look for other drugs to get me high, because all drugs are different.
  3. Those people are clearly liars.

    However, you don't fight propaganda by arguing with the propagandist. You go out and start spreading your own propaganda.

    Whoever has the best propaganda wins. We have the best propaganda because it's based on obvious facts and supported by scientific evidence, pitiful looking cancer patients (not an insult, cancer is a horrible disease), and logic.

    All they have is the constant repitition of blatant and completely irrational lies. We win.

    Go out and start spreading propaganda.
  4. Its sad to see this in the 21st century i wouldve thought people realized all of this by now!

    why cant it be legalized?
  5. Yeah maybe if they legalized it, kids wouldn't have to turn to the black market, and in turn they wouldn't be exposed to other harder drugs...
  6. I want everyone who contributed to that site/video to stand in a line so i can walk past them all and spit in each and every one of their faces. That video pissed me off, haha.
  7. They talk about getting locked up because of pot and how it makes it hard to get a job after and shit.

    Who's fucking fault is that??
  8. The governments. If it was legalized, it wouldn't completely fuck up people lives.
  9. really though that movie kinda made me laugh because of the bad acting and bullshit. Close minded people that believe this shit piss me off though. You always gosta get two sides of the story.
  10. lol its funny....when those people were smoking did the weed say go do cock, go do meth no you wanted to.....and weed isnt that bad if it was my whole family wouldnt be in the living room smoking right now

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