How to splice an existing outlet?

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  1. I'm doing an attic grow, temp. is fine and all, but my problem is power. Right below the spot in the attic where i plan to grow is an outlet on the ceiling for the garage door opener, the wires are exposed on the otherside(in the attic). So, is there a way i can create a new outlet by disconnecting one of the existing ones? would this be as simple as i think it would be? keep safety in mind aswell if you have an suggestions
  2. sure is ...

    set up another outlet up there n leave the uther in the ceiling as a dummie ..
  3. what are you trying to power? i say run an extension cord with a surge protector.
  4. Just make sure the breaker to that orginal outlet is turned off. Then just splice another outlet onto those exposed wires. You can buy crimp splicers that attach to your new outlet wires and then just clip onto the existing wiring. Theres a sharp metel plate that cuts throught wire covering and makes the connection. Just ask someone at an electrical retailer and they should be able to help you find exactly what you need for this. Just tell them you are trying to add another outlet on an existing line of wiring.

  5. That sounds perfect, thank you.

  6. yea man if u go to home depot or lowes they will show u how to do it and get u everything u need
  7. i had a guy at lowes accually recomend that i buy an hps instead of my fluro tubes

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