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how to spend my ballin 30$

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CeR01, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. so its either

    25$ worth of trees, a pack of blunts and if moneys leftover some zigzags
    30$ worth of weed and use my homemade
    25$ worth and a 5$ one hitter

    choices lol

    what would u all do
  2. if its a homemade sobe gravity bong id go w/ $30 worth of trees otherwise go for option # 1:)
  3. I'd go for #2 as well. Next would be #3 (a one-hitter will last you allot longer than a crappy homemade peice and wil be much nicer to smoke from).
  4. how about you save it and buy an even bigger sack next time you get money. :D

  5. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard lul.
  6. eeny meeny miiny moh


    i dunno.. it would just depend on the dif. of amount of bud between $25 and $30, and the quality of the bong
  7. the next time i get money will be when my cash crate check comes and that wont be untill next month lol but ima get a 100 sack hahaha
  8. I would choose option 1 assuming you can roll supreme blunts otherwise I would get a gram of yay

  9. depends what homemade means.
    If it was me, id get 30 of weed and use my glass pieces.
  10. its a bootleg home made lol
  11. man you gotto get yourself a piece, but I used to have a homemade bong that I loved sooo much... I avoid smokin' joints or blunts when I'm low on herb though, but ultimately I think you have to go with your heart... and get as much weed as possible.
  12. how good is ur homemaed
  13. yo deff go for option numero 1
    a nice ass blunt will do you good. n if you get the zigzags have a nice little after joint.. keep you in the clouds fora whileeeeeeeeee
  14. I don' think a 30 sack is ever "ballin".
  15. all you need to be ballin is a dub and you're straight with me
  16. an extra 5 dollars isnt going to get you that much more weed.

    id go with the blunts..papers..or hitter + WEED.
  17. Option C would be my first choice. Then B... If ur tight on money and weed. Blunts are not the way to go........ CONSERVE
  18. I gotta agree with this.
    Well, maybe buy one rillo just to take it to the dome :smoking:
  19. gotta go with number one.
  20. #20 WeeZy F baBy, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    Im feelin 30$ worth of weed then find a dollar 50 and get a dutch and just smoke a fat blunt to tha dome

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