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How to spend $120?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by staylor, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking awhile, but I'm very new to buying my own weed, and I have $120. I can spend it all on weed, and I dont know if I should get alot of reggie, or dank. I can likely get an ounce of reggie for 60, but I can get a quarter of dank for $100. Which one do y'all think I should buy?
  2. get the quarter of dank. spend the rest on a small spoon pipe and a lighter.
  3. Do you have a piece? If not spend some on weed and use the rest to buy a pipe. I know that wasn't an option, just throwing it out there.
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    buy a bubbler or bong (if you dont have one already) then spend the rest on good bud. or you could buy a 20$ worth of reggie to roll joints/blunts with and a quarter of dank
  5. Quarter of danks if you have stuff to smoke out of just get $120 of danks.
  6. deff get a bubbler or a bowl and the rest on dank
  7. Regs flip it quarter of dank new piece an papers
  8. Personally I'm saving the money I'd spend on weed to have a better future for my highness, at the moment. Maybe hook yourself up with a relaxing chair, minifridge, other furniture articles, large amounts of tasty beverages, new computer parts, new desk, supplies for growing.

    If you're dead-set on paraphernalia/weed though. I'd get a quarter of dank and a decent pipe, or a really nice bong. Or maybe an ounce or so of mids for a party scenario.
  9. I like the way you think.

    2.2oz of regs. flipped. half oz to an oz of dank. depends on how good you are.
  10. Around where I live, $120 would get you a quarter of dank. I would buy the good stuff, and then buy some papers and such with the left over money.
  11. why not get an ounce of reggies and an eighth of danks?
  12. Personally if I had to blow it all on weed/paraphernalia I would buy a bong to show for it. I would spend around $75 on a really nice bong and use the rest to buy an 1/8th of dank.

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