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  1. Ok, so i want to start growing soon. But i want my crop ready by like the end of june. Is there anyway that i can like cover up the plants to change it from a 18-6 light schedule into a 12/12. like can i put a cover halfway over the plants, does anyone know what to do to make them flower in june?
  2. you would have to artificially create darkness for 12 hours of the day, yes a covering could do this, just make sure its lightproof, but youll need to move it on/off every day.
  3. this is a nonpactical idea. just buy an autoflowering strain
  4. If you give them 24 hours a day for like a month under the flourcents and then put them out in late may ( weather permitting) they might be done mid late july.

    A friend of mine puts plants out on may 24 weekend or as soon as dry enough. They are usually about 6 to 8 inches tall , they have been under 18 hours lite from seed. Then about 2 weeks later after they have taken hold he picks the tops . I have seen him with kick ass buds before labour day.

    Good luck
  5. If you want them ready at a set time your best plan would be to grow indoors.
  6. I cant grow indoors, ive already posted stuff saying that, theres alot of reasons why i cant. plus i want to grow like a guerilla grow. but what happens if i like took a tarp and covered half of the crop at a certain angle so that it would only get about 12 hours of light.

  7. Do the autoflowering strains just liek flower after a certain amount of time.
  8. yes thats why there called autoflowering.. if you have 18 hours of sunlight where you live the auto flowers would be a good choice... after 3 weeks time no matter what the light conditions are the auto flowering plants will start to show sex and flower.. 8 weeks later you have nice smokeable buds. so figure 11 weeks from seed to harvest.. on most auto flowers each are slightly different
  9. it will still get light just not direct light. my last bit of advice before i give up on you because it is clear your only looking for the answer that you want to hear is to not even bother with this idea of yours. its either autoflowering strain to finish quickly, indica dominant the next quickest the sativa dominant the latest. o and by the way, you can read a bit more on the subject that would help.
  10. Time Machine always works.

  11. Negative, putting a non auto flowering strain outdoors, YES it will probably start to flower if you had it indoors on a 24h schedule. NO it won't finish.. the plant will adapt to the light schedule outdoors which gets LONGER every day at that time... So unless you're providing darkness for it.. it will revert to vegging. (if it's not an auto).
  12. Are the only kinds of strains that will flower before september autoflowering? Or are there some strains that finish super early but arent autoflowering?

  13. I'm with you man, autoflowering strains are gay, they have a tiny yeild and less THC
  14. Tiny yeild? They produce an ounce and for personal use that is pretty good yeild, unless of course your a burn out and you smoke all day everyday. An ounce lasts me a good 2-2.5
  15. As the man correctly said, an ounce is a TINY yield for outdoor. And they are lacking in THC.

  16. It will finish sooner thatn plants started out doors from seed at the same time.

    And if you go 12 and 12 for a couple weeks it will stay flowering . I have done it and i have been growing for 15 years. When auto flowers wernt so readly avaliable.


  17. Dude, an ounce is tiny, I roll fatass blunts, and plus when I grow I deal like 3/4 of what I grow. Last year I grew 6 lowryder plants indoor. But I can't grow indoors anymore cause I moved into a new apartment and the rules are like much stricter cause it's a huge apartment complex
  18. An ounce isn't tiny. You missed the point of what dude was saying. He wants for personal use, and an oz can last him 2-2.5 months. That's perfect because he can grow another ounce while smoking what he had with not that much waiting time in between. He sounds like me, a very chill smoker that doesn't have to roll fat ass blunts (which I'm assuming you have your crew around when you smoke them) I swear people that act like it takes so much to get high would be surprised how little it takes when they aren't trying to impress a posse. I mean when you're talking growing for personal and growing to deal and impress people it really, really is two different things. Honestly, if someone is too impatient to wait for normal weed to grow, they should really look into auto-flowering plants. If they time it right with plantings and what not, they can keep them selves high all year. No problem.
  19. you're probably a burn out, like the man said...
    Some of us have real lives and other stuff to do than smoke all day and eat cereal.

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