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How to Spark a joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillzthatkillz, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. ok i know this may seem like common sense but how do you guys spark your joints when you are starting it off. the other day i was holding it my righth and while lighting it with my left (the j was not in my mouth yet) and a bunch of the j burned right away and it canoo'd a shitload. what did i do wrong? am i suppose to light it while its in my mouth and that prevents that from happening or what?
  2. Lick the J a little before you light it...That causes it not to burn as quick
  3. 1. Put joint on your lips
    2. Fire
    3. As you apply said fire to said joint, inhale
    4. ??
    5. Profit!
  4. Depends how well the joint is rolled too.
  5. naa bro, i mean yea ya got light every part of it evenly but if its canooing while your smoking it or cannoed that bad from just lighting it you probably gonna have to practise your rollling. best of luck. peace
  6. I'll usually roach the end with a lighter to get the little paper titty off. Then blow on it to get it burning evenly. Then sit back and enjoy :D

  7. truth. i tend to slowly burn the tip without smoking it, and let the bud itself get hot, and then puff away.

    i roll them with a roller so theyre wayyy tight tho. just like a ciggy :)
  8. seriously invest in a cigarette roller, they're like 2.50 and roll it perfect every time

    i honestly dont smoke joints enough to care to know how to roll one by hand

  9. Wanna point me to one of these rollers?
  10. Usually theres about a cm of twisted rollie at the end, I light that on fire, like theres an actual flame on it and I inhale and the twisted part lights the j. Works cool.
  11. I use one of these. Only $2 at my local headshop. Rolls them perfect every time.

  12. The key to a good joint is

    1. common sense
    2. practice
    3. patience

    first you ned to learn how to roll( idk if you can but make them very tight) then when you spark it normally for me its like .3grams very tight(jays waste weed so i dont use much) but light ur bic inhale a lil and spark it then do it again dont let it catch firelike flames but so it lights

    its easier after a while
  13. indeed the joint burns with less weed and much longer than a regular joints. Joints are not wasteful at all if crafted by this baby.
  14. I don't like rollers they are for cigs so they make them really tight, too tight.
  15. thats how i do it to just hold it it and light the tip blow on it then inhale till it gets going
  16. i like to roll it pretty fat, tight, with a roller..

    push both sides in a little bit, make room in case so you dont get much/at all on your lips. twist up one side, spark it with out it in your mouth to burn the excess paper

    put it in your mouth, spark it (because the excess paper will be burnt off so the weed will be getting burned), inhale, twist it around to get all the weed lit, and then it should be good to go.
  17. this is one of my pet peeves. i have some friends, most of them have been smokin for a while, and STILL cant light a jay right.

    you dont want to light it with the flame right up against the jay, or right underneath it, or its gonna torch right up and burn away a good bit of joint. light the lighter a little bit in front of the joint, and suck the flame into the tip of the joint. that way it only lights the tip and doesnt torch the jay.

    it also may have canoed because it wasnt rolled all that well. like others said, you could invest in a roller, or just pracice. i roll my own cigarettes all the time (tops menthol), so i can roll mad good by hand, but ive seen people try to roll a joint and have that shit desinagrate in their hands
  18. i put the j in my mouth first just like a cigarette. then you bring the flame close to the j, but dont touch it, and inhale. this way the flame isnt getting as much of the paper and it wont canoo. this works for me, give it a try

  19. This is how I do it too. Works a charm every time. But again, my J's are usually nice and tight too. I don't use a rolling machine, but I've had lots of practice. I think I might post a tutorial on rolling. It seems like a lot of people have problems with their Js, or they're inefficient or something.

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