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How to sober up in a hurry

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Averett~Cougar, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking forever (and yes I already searched the forum for another post) but I was wondering how you get un-high if you have to do it in a hurry. I do alot of things high but if you have to come down real fast how do you do it?
  2. Masturbate.
    Eat a lot of fatty foods (takes about an hour)
    Thats all i really got.
  3. a cold shower or splashing cold water in my fae usualy does it for me
  4. You don't. At the best you can fake it, possibly have some stimulants to help with that.
  5. Do some sorta mad physical exercise and eat alot. Always seems to sober me up, and I hate it!.. Thats why when I go snowboarding I gots to bring at least an 8th to smoke on the mountain so I can ride high all day long! :D
  6. Go ask a cop for directions. That always does the trick
  7. eating alot helps and doing alot of physical activity.
    cold helps alot too. i always smoke before i go to work.
    if i feel like im too high i just go in the beer cooler for a few.
    that does the trick real quick. or yes, talk to cops. ahha
  8. Eating also helps a lot for me as well, takes away pretty much all of the stoned part and leaves the relaxing part for me.

    Also, I find that putting in eye drops helps a little.
  9. Punch yourself in the nuts.

    Seriously, I swear this will work.

  10. true. works everytime.
  11. if you let someone else KICK you in the nuts it works even better
    but i dont think ill ever need to come down that fast haha
  12. Food, shower, jack off
  13. have a friend hit you or slap you really hard when your not expecting it it will scare the high out of you lol. no realy it seems like every time im stoned and some one does that it nocks my high way down
  14. Think of the consequences for not sobering up..

  15. You can't. Once the THC is in your system it's in your system. It's no different than alcohol. You can't make yourself get "sober." Like some have already said you fake it at best. When I'm working and I smoke while all the managers are there, I hate when they talk to me cause I feel like they are just gazing down my eyes like they are trying to see something behind me. Anyway to make me feel some what not as high, notice how I say feel. I'll run around for a few mintues, than it's eye drops and wash face. Usually makes me feel refreshed and less high even though I'm not. The running helps the most though, get that heart pumpin.
  16. "Dave, Dave! It's the god damn cops. I'm gonna ask them for directions. Excuse me sir, I need some information. I'm a little high. All I want to know, which way is third street?"

    I had to do it.
  17. Idk i never wanna sober up but usually if ur driving around stoned as fuck with some bud on u and ur buddy yells "COP!!" always works, but one common side effect of thsi is shitting ur pants

  18. "dave. im gonna race 'em."

    "i knew it was a bad idea, but i was high. i tried to explain it was a bad idea, but all that came out was 'well *****, sometimes ya gotta race. i dont know..'"

    best standup ever.
  19. You know it! He needs to come back from Africa or wherever the fuck he went, and start his show back up again.

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