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How to sneak 12+ g's to college w/o parents finding it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hiplikebrando, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. ok so im leaving for college in a week and i got like 12+ g's on me. I need a place to hide it for the move down so my parents won't find it. My parents are going to be helping me move in so i need a place where they won't look.

  2. are you talking about money or weed? cause you shouldnt have either if you dont know where to hide it
  3. Just put it with your personal bags like a backpack or something.
  4. lol im in the same boat man. Mine is in my golf bag right now. its working out pretty well i think.
  5. if it's weed, shove it up your ass. if it's money, shove it up your ass.

    seriously though? 12 g is a fuckin jarful.. that's nothing to hide. I could understand needing help sneaking 12 oz but 12 g? lmao !!
  6. Did your parents hire the TSA to check your bags before the drive or some shit? How do you need help with this??
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    Haha it's 12 gs all you need is 2 pockets man
  8. #8 Kush Wizard, Aug 10, 2011
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    Hey man, this is the wrong forum for this question....

    Just fold some clothing or a towel around whatever's containing the 12 grams and stick it in your suitcase if you're traveling by car to your school. When I went off to college I hid two bottles of liquor and a 3 foot hookah with all its accessories in one suitcase alongside my cannabis & paraphernalia using this method.

    But if you're flying leave the weed behind because 12 grams just isn't worth incarceration when you've probably already paid for your first semester/year at college.
  9. its 12 grams of weed hopefully by that point. i've got like 18 grams right now but i should have atleast 6 of it sold by them time i leave. I dont wanna keep it in my pocket cuz im gonna be driving in the car with my mom. I was thinking of putting in a pencil case inside my backpack and triple bagging it???
  10. maybe you should inform your parents that your a adult and because of this they shouldn't look through all your shit like no joke dude just put it under some cloths or something in your bag.
  11. Really man? Its not like they are gonna kick you out or anything... LOL

  12. There's tons of places you can hide it, even if your parents are helping you unpack every box.

    Inside of Dvd cases, inside of game cases.

    you can hide it in certain game ssytems

    inside a roll of socks. Hollow out a big marker, you can slide a baggy inside of that.

    the list is endless
  13. Get a magnum and either swallow it or get some lotion nd stick it up
  14. better carry a gun, if ur parents find out u might needa pop em or theyll hit up cinco-cero
  15. My freind made this sweet stash jar. It's an arizona tea can and he like cut off the very top and put a screw on container in there and put the lid under the top off the can so it just screws on and off. It's genius.
  16. dude if you really wanted to you could wrap it up good put it in a plastic jar and hide it in some bushes near your parents house till you move in
  17. smoke it.... problem solved.
  18. lol you seriously made a thread about this...

    put it in your bag? how the hell are we supposed to know the places you can stick a jar. what the hell.

  19. yeah he should patent that.. oh wait they sell those at all smoke shops
  20. #20 BoneThug, Aug 10, 2011
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    You're a adult, why is your mom going through your stuff? Just put in a bag. If she finds it she cant do much. Unless shes paying for your college.

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