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How to smuggle weed through the airport

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by BurtonSnow, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Ok so all of a sudden today my mom was like "Your going to fl in 2 weeks." I am going with my bro, cousin, dad, uncle, and gpa. Pretty cool ass group even though it sounds lame that my gpa, uncle, and dad will be there. They are all pretty sweet guys. Anyways, of course I want to toke it up a little bit, and the house my gpa owns down there is in some community that is like 70% profesional athletes, oh and norman schwarzkopf lives down the street (for those of you who don't know, that was the general of the persian gulf.) Anyways all that means to me is, no idea where I could find a hookup.

    Anyways, figured the best way was to smuggle my pipe and some weed. How should I do this though? Put it in my check in luggage, or bring it on board?
  2. Dont do that, when you fly you GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT FOR A SEARCH!
  3. i wouldnt even try bringing it to the airport
  4. it would be a very bad idea
  5. in a bag up the butt ;)
  6. How long are you going to be in FL, just take a T break.
  7. You would have to be a drug addict feening mother fucker to do some sick ass gay shit like that, fuck that's sick.

  8. i would try that if i had to
  9. Only 3 days, I thought tons of people do it. I just thought about it, there is a clubhouse there with an outdoor resturant. I'm sure some of the waiters/janitors w/e will know where to score some fire ;)
  10. what part of FL are you going to? cuz what you described sounds like palm beach, south FL. thats where i live and you wont have trouble finding weed around here. Just no crazy exotics like hindu kush, white widow. Well there are, but it takes some time to find people that have good hook ups
  11. wow someone's really uncomfortable with their sexuality. hahahahahaha. for real, though. you got some friggin issues.
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    i strongly advise not bringing it on the airplane or through lugguage(<-spelling??) but if you are going to fiend it that much and really are considering it then take this advice; if they search you or make you show the contents of your pocket do not be sketchy. if they caught you they CAUGHT you! if you run or act sketchy they have been known to shoot for suspicion and suspicion alone.

    EDIT: also, if they do catch you then you are a part of the cause of them having to anal probe every flight passenger in the future.
  13. I will be flying into tampa and I can't remember the cities name, but its 20mins south of the Tampa airport. The community is called SaddleBrook if you are familar with that.
  14. I live in FL and when travelling from FL I always roll up a joint or two or five and put them in a cig container with some cigs in there. They have looked in the cig container and nothing ever happened.
  15. It's not worth federal drug charges. Make some friends and find a hookup down there.

  16. dont do it. you can be charged with trafficking
  17. okay, i don't suggest doing it at all. but i have, and this is how i did it.

    night before, get a pack of cigarettes. for larger amounts of bud, get two or three.

    grind up your bud, empty out like three or four of the cigarettes per pack, keep the filter, don't cut the paper.

    using a folded paying card or something, fill each emptied cigarette with bud. make sure to pack it really tight, like a cigarette that's been machine packed. i suggest packing it down with the butt of a pen each time you put a little in to ensure you get the most in that you can, and also that it doesn't slide around.

    when your cigarette is nearly full, take some of the tobacco you emptied and place it in the tip, on top of the bud. pack it down the way you did the mary j so it looks indentical to the other cigarettes.

    repeat this process for the other cigarettes. i wouldn't suggest doing more than five cigarettes per pack. that's what the multiple packs are for. the scanners the airports have can't tell the difference between organic matter, so they won't pick it up. keep the pack in your pocket, when you go through security just act normal and send it through.

    there likely won't be dogs are your airport, and usually they just sniff for bombs. if you use multiple packs, just keep them in your carry-on.

    i did this, it worked, but i'm not going to say it's fail-safe.
    your safest option would be to not bring any bud.
    but if you're set on doing it, i would recommend this.
  18. dude i went there and there is nothin there at all i got ripped off a pack of cigs and 20 bucks
  19. Nope, already been talked out of doing it, hopefully Ill find a blade on here who lives in tampa.
  20. i took 5 grams in my bra from cali to nyc............... and brownies.. i believe i was very lucky
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