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  1. This weekend, 3 of my friends and I are getting a quarter for a sit down smoke sesh after strenuous week of studying and working. Now I was wondering how should we enjoy this q? Should we maybe roll 7 blunts, roll some joints, smoke a gotti, just keep packing bowls? Just interested to hear what you guys would do in this position. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
    Ya Boy,

  2. The fuck is a gotti?

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  3. A quarter in one session for 4 people seems excessive.  Pack bowls. 
  4. throwing in 7 grams in a blunt. google it.
  5. we've done it with 3 people before just rolling joints... and yeah i agree its excessive but I only smoke once a week these days and i like to go big. you can come if you want! The more the merrier.
  6. A cigar, emptied and stuffed with reefer.

    Basically a blunt but never rolled.
  7. Bong loads are the way to go IMO.  Ha thanks man I'll be there with my vaporizer. 
  8. Psh. Nigga you excessive.
  9. *you're
  10. Oh it's like that?!
  11. bwahahahaha naw nigga yous know eye jus playin.  Smoke dat nugg nig, west side thugg life. 
  12. *Fist bump*
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    gravity's, bra
  14. Bong Rips... Bong Rips for days. 
  15. 6.3 blunts then bust the gotti out

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  16. I vote bong tokes.

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