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  1. This weekend, 3 of my friends and I are getting a quarter for a sit down smoke sesh after strenuous week of studying and working. Now I was wondering how should we enjoy this q? Should we maybe roll 7 blunts, roll some joints, smoke a gotti, just keep packing bowls? Just interested to hear what you guys would do in this position. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!
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  2. Couple blunts and some bong bowls

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  3. If it was me I'd smoke Bongs and get a bottle of booze

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  4. It depends on preference. But I would go with either joints (one for everyone at a time) fat blunts, and then I would use a bong.
  5. Go to a headshop and get the biggest wraps you can and roll the fattest thing

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    I would roll either a couple 1-2g joints or a couple 2-3g blunts then wait an hour or so and smoke the rest from a bong

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