How to smoke without anyone finding out/what to do when high

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  1. how to smoke without anyone finding out:
    -if you're at home and around family, it's always your best bet to smoke at night on a balcony or in a yard. it smells less and makes less noise. The smell just gets carried away in the wind.
    -if you're inside: blow the smoke straight out the window. put your lips as close as you can to the netting, or just plainly stick your head out the window, use a sploof, and the best way is to simply cover your pipe (if you're using one) with your finger after every hit to avoid stray smoke.

    to do while high:
    - watch Dazed and Confused, Family Guy, 90's cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, Spongebob, or various horror movies.Anything weird/neuewave is great. anything with weed references or characters that are obviously stoners are always good. The trippier the movie, THE BETTER.oh, if it involves outer space, it's ALWAYS A PLUS.
    -go swimming. One of my favorites. Swimming in water makes you feel like you're floating already, but doing it high gives it twice the effect, and frankly, you feel like a mermaid.:smoke:
    -write a story. Creativity can really be unleashed.
    -draw. Creativity again.
    -watch youtube videos. They can be the most interesting videos you'e ever seen. One of
    My favorite is the Human Slinky preaudition AGT 2007. Watch when you're completely blazed.
    - take a walk at night. Sounds of nature are enhanced, and walking and zoning out is very calming and adds a video game-like effect.
    -read threads about things to do when you're high.
    -go on Yahoo! Answers and answer someone's question about “what's it like being high?”
    -close your eyes and put your ipod on shuffle. Simple as pie. Ooooo…pie. :)
    - relax. Don't worry about what to do. You can just sit on your couch and stare at the wall, and it'll be the most interesting thing ever, making your mind wander can take you anywhere. ANYWHERE.
    -eat. Never fails. Never gets boring.
    -do some chores. They can actually be pretty entertaining, and aren't as annoying.
    -similar to the one above, just try to perform any day-to-day activities. See how long it takes you.
    -I haven't done this one, but it sounds amazing. Go to Disney World. There are people in costumes, you'll think you're tripping. Then, go on rides like Dinosaur, Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion ride.
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  3. This should be in apprentice. Most people figure out how to get high inconspicuously within their first year.

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