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How to smoke without a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by adlersummers90, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. So my last post i said i live in a weed legal state and i was plaining to try smoking for the first time. at work a friend of mine said he had a lot of weed and would just give me a lil to try for free he gave me a little over half a gram. On my way home my car wasnt working well luckily i drove to my other friend who was close by and he is a mechanic. long story short I got some weed and my lighter but dont have anything to smoke out of. with no car and it being freezing and snowing outside i dont really feel like walking to the store. Im inexpierenced in this type of thing hoping some of you can help me out by listing ways i can make a quick one time thing to smoke out of. I dont really have a ride to the store becuase my friends are leaving out of town tonight.
  2. Google a apple pipe.
    If u smoke cigarettes empty a cigarette,break up weed and stuff it , pull out filter rip 3/4 off n shove the quarter back in.
    You can also google pop can pipes prob won’t hurt ya one time.
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  3. Some tin foil and a pencil.
    Leave one end loose and roll it up.
    Remove pencil and fold up 1 inch of the large end.
  4. I wouldn't smoke out of aluminum. Don't get me wrong, I've been there, but heavy metal toxicity is nothing to take lightly. The apple pipe is the way to go, just make sure to clean it first.
  5. soda can pipe, then just make sure you have a normal pipe for other times.
  6. Any way which you can heat it up and breathe in the fumes or smoke will do...literally any way! If you're absolutely crazy about trying it, get a friend to fire up his car, put something that won't burn on top of your turbo or somewhere else that gets really warm, put the weed on, let it get nice and warm, watching it go up in smoke as you inhale the smoke with whatever you can use to gather the smoke...even a sliced off soda-can will do.

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