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How to smoke with dad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, May 9, 2011.

  1. Well my dad has been in jail for about 6 months and is getting out this month (would prefer no one ask what he did). Any who, my mom told me that he used to smoke weed sprinkled with coke and pop pills. Today, i heard he has became a bit "religious"? You can say I guess and "changed" since he's been in. So how can I ask him to smoke a blunt without it being awkward? I'm kind of viewed as a goody-goody in his eyes and it would surprise the fuck out of him. What is the best approach to take when my younger brothers aren't around?
  2. my dad is also a huge stoner but i have not asked him to smoke with me because i just dont see how it wouldnt be awkward :/

  3. I didnt even care what he did, but then you said that. Now i want to know. God damn
  4. yah tell us
  5. inb4 storm of "what did he do" comments.

    You know what, i'm sorry. I really shouldn't be prying into your life like this...
  6. I started smoking with my dad after my mom found my stash...since my dads already a huge pothead my mom never really cared I smoked either. After about a week my dad started asking me if I wanted to smoke with him.

    So I don't know, try having your dad "accidently" find your stash or something. :smoke:
  7. "care for a smoke?"

    all he can say is yes or no. (or maybe "i didn't know you smoked...")

    if he says yes, pull out a blunt. if he says no say "alright" then pull out a blunt and smoke it by yourself. if he wants to smoke with you he will, if he is so "religious" and now views weed as "the devil", then he'll probably give you a lecture. if you're living at home with your parents and they don't want you smoking weed... well... hide it from them, lol.
  8. Well dont ask him to smoke a blunt. Older people grew up smoking joints and some dont smoke cigs so they wont like blunts anyway. They like actually tasting the grass and getting high off it rather than feel weird from smoking big tobacco hits and holding them in.

    Since hes been to jail im sure if you just say "hey dad jail must have sucked, lets smoke a joint and go play disc golf" or something like that. Show him you smoke weed but arent a burnout loser. maybe you can influence him to take it easy from now on so there isnt a repeat of him going back to the clinker.

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