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how to smoke weed with a hookah

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by biigdiirty, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. so i havent used my hookah for about 3 years but i bought this new shisha  which is like a gell and doesnt have that overwhelming smell that most give you when smoking also great taste but if i wanted to smoke weed with this do i just sprinkle a good amount ontop the bowl or do i mix it around 

  2. Well from my experience we layered was heavy on cannabis and hash with some nice flavored tobacco.  I've only done it twice in that way but it was a fun experience!
  3. I mix high quality shisha and greens. Pack it like a normal hookah bowl and light your coal
  4. how was your high and how many hits before you started feeling it
  5. It was a long lasting, floaty and mellow high.  We packed a decent sized bowl of this combo so we felt it within 2 big drags from the hookah.  Keep in mind we also had alot of hash in there as well.  I don't remember being couch-locked the 2nd time, although the first time we did it my buddy and I were watching the NFL conference playoffs and we were high as a kite and watched both games straight through...haha i dont think we moved once lol.

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