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How to smoke weed in your room without getting caught. Ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xCollege, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I think I've developed a sure fire way to go unnoticed while smoking in your room. I am currently using:
    • Smoke Buddy
    • Dehumidifier
    • Febreeze - Wild Berries and Honey is the most insane one I have ever used. It smells like girl but holy dick it's brutal.
    • A kinda damp towel under door.. if I really want to. I don't usually because you cant even tell if my light is on in my room since its so sealed.

    I usually crack my window for a bit after and I don't even need it open for that long. As for the bowl or bong smoke I usually place my thumb on top of the pack. It might burn sometimes but don't be a pussy about it. And CLEAR IT. Don't be all like "omg ow im not going to clear it im gunna cough wahwahaw" that smoke will seep out and smell the room up.

    I'm not intending to contradict the title, but use these tips with discretion. This might work well for me but might not be adequate enough for someone else. I'm convinced though that they will appeal to the majority of people who try them out.
  2. Or, now stay with me, you could move out.
  3. Fuck i hate these threads.... MOVE OUT! Smoke somewhere else anything else will get you caught. That is all
  4. Wet towel at the bottom of your door. Rolled up rite near the bottom of the door, used to do it as a young en
  5. How about smoke outside and stop smoking in a place that isn't yours?

    The best way to not get caught...don't do it!
  6. Do it wherever you want. If you smoke cigs in house smoke weed.
  7. There is no way to smoke in your room and never ever get caught.

    Once you think you cant be caught., you get caught.
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  8. This.
  9. Where's the logic In that? You wouldn't grow weed thinking, everyone knows i grow so ill be fine. Everyone knows I smoke - cool.

    No! Depends where you live I guess
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    Yeah, you must think: you take the necessary precautions to not get caught... But that's when you get caught dude, wait.. What?
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    Don't be so obtuse man.
  12. How am I being difficult to understand ? I made a very clear statement.
  13. Yep. Ya sure did

  14. You shouldn't have to worry about police catching you smoke in your room.
    Who do you have to worry about? Smoke where ever you want in your house, nobody will catch you. Hiding it from your parents? Their house, their rules; Move out.
  15. :wave: Since you probably live with your parent I'm guessing and can't move out yet bc you're still in school or whatever I would recommend not smoking in your room. Just roll a nice J and go smoke outside.
  16. I was hoping I'd get a nicer response than "Fuck off" or anything like that. I'm a broke college student with a part time job and I commute. Moving out of my house isn't really an option right now.

    As for getting caught I've been there. The reason? I got lazy. With what I have now I don't have a problem whatsoever. I made this thread for the kids who can't move out or who can't go outside for one reason or another. If I'm constantly walking in and out of my house to go smoke it's going to look sketchy. Especially because it's freezing outside and I don't even smoke cigarettes.

    I'm Just trying to help out and I thought I'd share what works best for me.
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  17. Thread will benefit the younger stoners for sure, as for the responses it seems there are less younger stoners than I thought.
  18. Try growing in there.
  19. Oh I actually started using an air purifier and it works so much better. It's made for allergens and odors.

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