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how to smoke weed at work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. i was thinking if you took the buds from cigarettes that your parents or roommates smoked and rolled a joint and put that in it would look alot like a cigarette instead of a j smell wont matter im gonna reapply at pizza hut everyone there smokes weed :)
  2. Every employee at every pizza place world wide smokes weed. :D
  3. That is very true.
  4. and the KFC crew,which im part of.

    I used to get hooked up at work with bud all the time, the stoner "workers" died down recently, but were back on our way up!
  5. If I wanted to smoke at work, I'd get a dugout.

  6. ^^so true...i used to work at a pizza place dude me and the manager would walk out at lunch break w/all the other pizzahut ppl and toke...
  7. yeah they all do. manager at marks said dave matthews band sucked then when he learned he was a stoner he changed his mind.
  8. ya but how do i disguise it? would my idea work?
  9. dont risk your work mate.. if u get cought, next job u try to get, they will drug test u every now and then, and u wont be able to smoke weed....

  10. Like I said, use a dugout. Small and easy to use. You can take one or two hits in the bathroom whenever you want. Turn on the vent and if someone asks why you always turn on the vent - tell em' they don't want to know.

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