How to smoke Spice Gold

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  1. I know ill get bashed for asking a stupid questions but anyhow i need to find out.
    I have never smoked anything except cigarettes so I had no idea how any of these herbs thingies work.
    I bought 2 pouches of Spice Gold and should be getting it sometime next week. I also bought some rolling papers.
    So i wanted to ask how do you smoke that stuff? Do you just roll it up in the paper and then smoke it? And how much of the stuff works for one dose?
    Thanks for helping a noob out :hello:
  2. Step one: Buy some JWH-018

    Step two: ???

    Step three: Profit.
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    Well when i smoked it i used a bong. i'd recomend you put it through water b/c the taste is no Bueno. Actually it's reall bad.

    Im guessing you dont smoke weed. but you should its cheaper then cigs and SG. Just make a waterbottle bong. Or blunt it up.

    If its a waterbottle bong you need look up some homemade bongs, google image it or go to google and type "homemade bong" to get some ideas. Dont use tin foil, and welcome to the city.

  4. SOUTH PARK hahahahah
  5. Holy shit dude, when I originally replied to this thread I thought it said "how to make spice gold"

    Now my first post looks stupid as fuck.

    Oh well, my bad.
  6. ever tried that stuff? I want to get some, buy I have no idea how to smoke it.
  7. you dont need much to get high. seriously i take a lil tobacco out of the end of a cig, pack it in, and im high in no time. i would compare its potency close to purple. it would almost be a waste to roll a blunt of it IMO. just use a pipe or bong and it smokes fine. i couldnt even imagina how high youd be if you smoked a blunt of spice
  8. If you have never rolled anything before i suggest you empty out a cig and put some spice in there, and then smoke it like you would smoke a cig but hold it in a little longer.

    Edit: Oh yeah.. replace the filter with a crutch
  9. yea you shouldnt need much, and hold the hits as long as you can, i smoked that shit for awhile and some of the other blends, for me they were all just like weed minus the fun. and one night i hardcore freaked out on spice gold and thought i was dying which has NEVER EVER happened to me with weed, so that was the last i messed with those.
  10. put some tobaco in a skin(rizla) spinkle some gold in until u cant really see the tobaco .roll it up.smoke it.kick back and enjoy

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