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how to smoke resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by foamXcore, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. i scraped it and shit but someone told me i wasnt suposed to just trow it back in my bowl and light up, even though iv done that many times. someone said you gotta like take the pieces that stick to your fingers?
    idk, im just bored and plan on smoking a resin bowl in a couple min and just wanted to make sure i was doing it right.
  2. you can do Bottle Tokes: take a little chunk of resin, put it on the end of a lit ciggarette (or joint if you don't smoke.) then stick the lit end into a bottle with a hole in the side (and a cap on it). let it burn then take the cig/J out and unscrew the lid and inhale.

    you can roll a resin joint: If you're scraping a piece that uses water (hookah,bubbler,bong whatever) sometimes the resin will be really liquidy. so scrape it and spread it on a paper (you can also take chunks, hold the lighter to them for a few seconds then spread it on a paper) put some weed in the pape, then roll it up. (only do this if you're good at rolling joints, if you mess it up you just wasted all your resin :( )

    or you can just scrape your piece and put the resin back into the bowl, perferably with a metal screen though. large chunks of resin will melt before it starts to smoke, and if you don't use a screen it's just gonna fall into your piece.
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  3. If u throw it all in the bowl, it wud burn all of it, even the "ones" that stick so why the f not??
  4. ya i scraped the resin from my piece then rolled it into a little ball then threw it into the bowl and smoked it!
  5. hmm, i think it would also be a good idea to make a little bed of buds for the resin to sit on so it doesnt just melt and get stuck in your downpipe, even a few stalks would work i guess
  6. Oh, the infamous resin-ball. I actually look forward to pipe cleaning day (usually a Saturday). When I smoke a resin-ball, I normally end up with a healthy body nigh that never really peaks, but stays fairly noticeable for hours.

    Here's how I make mine...

    First I take a piece of rolling paper from a botched J, I save the glue strip for emergency repairs if the unfortunate happens.

    Then I scrape the actual bowl with an x-acto knife and set the dry, powdery scraping on the paper.

    Then I take a paperclip and scoop the gooey resin from the inside of the spoon. I place that on the powder and roll it around which tends to help solidify it a bit. This also helps make it into a ball.

    I then wrap the sides of the paper up around the semi-gooey ball. When you smoke this, the paper makes a type of shell on the goo when it burns. It makes it easier to turn while smoking it and drying it out.

    You may not see smoke from it for a while, but don't worry, so long as you hear it sizzle, you're inhaling THC.

    Once the outside is dry, you can put it away for a bit and see how it effects you. I normally split the ball in half and put half away for later. I then smoke the other half until it's white/gray ash.

    Of course, the entire thing tastes like shit, at it may seem like a lot of work, but it works for me. Most people probably won't like it, though. Just goes back to personal preference.

    Hope it makes sense. I just ripped a bowl on my bubbler. :hello:

  7. Roll it into a ball, then knife it.
  8. I met some russians who showed me that for the first time with some hash, I don't understand how it doesn't fill with a bunch of cigarette smoke.
  9. knife hits
  10. yeah, thenowhereman, for some strange reason most of the ciggarette smoke goes back out the hole, but the resin/hash smoke just goes straight up. Theres probably some explanation for it.
  11. a good decision is to not smoke resin period. black and brown gunk out of pipes its burnt weed, its molecular compound has changed to carbon. when you relight carbon you're inhaling a vast amount of carcinogenic compounds, with minimal amounts of thc left. go ahead and coat your lungs with gunk if you'd like, get high off oxygen dep :p
  12. I thought resin was unburnt weed chunks and condensed smoke and has the same health risks that regular pot has. It does still have a fair ammount of THC and will get you messed up depeneding on the quality of pot smoked through the pipe. (back on topic..) The best way i have found to smoke res is through the same pipe but with a metal screen.

  13. Same here...
  14. What I do is use a lighter and heat my pipe so hot that the resin vaporizes.
  15. Exactly. But to be more specific, shape your resin into little bb sized hits on a ceramic kitchen plate flipped over. This is a perfect launching pad. Stick the plate with the hits in the freezer for 15 minutes. Now the hits are cold and will last a split second on the hot knives giving you a chance to burn them more effectively. Go to town.

    I my experience, really, really good weed and kief can occasionally lead to amazing, almost hash oil like resin under the right circumstances. Very dank.
  16. "Carcinogenic compounds" are there anyway, the health hazards of smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes are nearly the same minus the addiction (and some would even argue that point.) A good decision is to either not worry about it, or just not smoke period.
  17. yeah for sure..smoking is smoking...its never gonna be good for your lungs
  18. Smoking resin is done by lungs wishing to be quickly damaged, yet weed is the right ratio, so the amount of THC helps get it close to even in harm/gain.

    I think resin has a high probability of causing quick, uncomfortable damage to the health of the precious lungs and I hate the sound of it.

    Otha than that shayt, whassup whassup int he dome of it hmm?
  19. knife hits of resin......harshh.
  20. Resin smoking ... blech. But I've been there before ... And now my pipes practically sparkle.

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