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How to smoke out of a lightbulb...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Caked&Baked, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. me and my friend wanna smoke out of a lightbulb cause apparently theres no smoke...so what do you need to do to get the lightbulb ready?
  2. Do a Youtube search for "lightbulb vape." or "lightbulb vaporizer"
  3. I tried this out just the other day.. it works pretty well.

    What I did is I took a clear lightbulb (not one that looks frosty with the white stuff on the inside. If you have one of those, clean it out with saltwater on the inside after the first step).

    1. Use a nail + hammer or something of the sorts to remove the black part at the base of the bulb. It takes awhile, so just keep banging on it till all you have is a hollowed-out bulb and the metal screwing part, with just a hole.

    2. Take a cap from a water/Coke/any soda bottle and poke 2 holes in it, right next to each other. One should be the size of a pen (use a pen do make the hole), and one a bit smaller (also use a pen, just dont push the entire pen through).

    3. Take a straw and put it into the pen-sized hole, pushing it in about and inch or so.

    4. Put about .3g weed or whatever amount you think you'll need into the bulb

    5. Screw your cap + straw into the metal part of the lightbulb (it might be smart to check if it fits before you make the holes in the cap etc.)

    6. Take a candle that can stand by itself, light it, and hold the lightbulb about 2 inches above it, all while covering both the straw and the other hole (your carb). I suggest using a candle b/c if you use a lighter it will eat up all your fuel b/c it takes awhile to get the vapor.

    7. After a little while, you'll see a bit of mist appear in the bulb, this is the vapor.

    8. Put your mouth on the straw and toke toke toke :)
  4. damn thanks dude lol
  5. Be careful tho, if you get impatient you might not actually be getting vapor, if the vapor looks dark and is harsh, it's smoke and you didn't do it right. If you have trouble with that, hold the bulb farther away from the flame, the tip of the flame is actually it's hottest point.

    Hope that helps.

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