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how to smoke inside and smart

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thatkid9, May 8, 2011.

  1. i decided to write this for smokers who live in dorms, or your parents house what ever. ill cut right to the chase an alot of trial and error her is a few ways to accomplish this.

    1. burning candles is always a good idea helps alot.
    *also you can light your lighter with the candle to prevent the clicking of the lighter. just push the gas button down.

    2. spoofs are important but heres how i make them
    Just get a old hand towel anything cloth rely, then get 3-4 dryer sheets, then put them in the middle of your towel and fold it a few times and there you go the more times you fold it the better more it has to pass threw more likely for the smell and smoke to go.

    3. get a one hitter or chillum. you can smoke these and both clear it in one hit and prevent any excess smoke coming of your one hitter because nothing is burning you light it and start to inhale and dont stop till there is nothing left so there is no excess smoke witch holds the smell.

    4. After smoking you smell like it. So if you can drink something right away or gum/mints, and wash your hands, also if you can smoke wearing a jacket or sweatshirt so you can take it off after smoking the smell holds to the top layer.

    5. Get a fan that fits in your window well. then make it as airtight around the sides of the fan. and face your fan to blow out your window not in. what happens is with it being in your window and packed in there it causes a draw from the room. you can tell if you have done this by putting your hand by the bottom of your door youll feel air being pulled into the room wich means the smell can only leave threw the window and cant go outside the door.

    6. eye drops never hurt anything.

    7. dont smoke joints or blunts inside or your bowl. use a one hitter a chillum or a bong and make sure you can clear the amount you put in.

    thats it for now hope this helps someone please dont hate on this. if i think of anything els ill let you know
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  2. How about get a vape.... make sure u dont burn nug by turning it on to high. Sit near window with fan pointing out. Blow exhale into fan. Have towel under door too
  3. good basic guide. also make a habit of lighting candles/spraying febreeze or whatever even when ur not smoking so it doesnt seem strange when ur room smells like a spring meadow
  4. spoofs=parodies

    sploofs=what ur talking about

    edit: go ahead and call it whatever its not like theres an inventor of it who "named" it anything lol:smoke:
  5. I used to hang out my window with a joint, it seemed easier to me because there was less flame, and a long as the wind didnt blow inside it didn't matter. And bowls would tend to smell afterwards, but I could just throw the roach and get it the next morning.

    But no worries now ;)
  6. I'm with Buds N Nugs, vapes are the way to go for covert tokes. But yeah, abysmal spelling and grammar aside, this is a good guide for beginners. Props!
  7. those sploofs are amazing.
    they work so well that they will give the room a fresh scent.
    the kind i recently tried was Bounce 4in1,Outdoor Scent smell.

    The only bad part of using it is,your dads parents will wonder how it smells that way when u dont have air freshener that smells like that.
  8. Good idea, but I still say a nice nature walk is the best way to smoke. Not that there's anything wrong at all with a hotbox session!
  9. this is basically what I do at home and it works wonderfully. I made my spoof out of a empty wrapping paper roll so its ridiculously long, and stuffed full of dryer sheets. Using a one hitter/dugout no smoke escapes and the spoof is so ridiculous that it smells the slightest bit sour for a couple minutes then it's like nothing was ever there. My room is tiny and it's right next to my parents room and I've never been caught with this method I recommend it to everybody who can't freely smoke in their residence. Good thread
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