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How to smoke indoors without getting caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakethecreator, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. This is my first post, although i've been reading these forums for quite a long time. As the question seems to arise quite often, i'm going to write a brief guide on how to smoke inside your house without getting caught.
    First of all, you should know that it's a possibility that your parents already know you smoke. You may think they would freak out about it, but many parents don't care. When I first started, my friend told me that my dad already knew. I was skeptical, but I came to find out some time later that he was right.

    Anyways, on to the guide.
    You're going to need a few supplies. Namely a toilet paper roll, some dryer sheets, and some tape. Air freshener is optional, but may help. Most people have dryer sheets, just look in and around the clothes dryer. You need these items to make what's called a 'sploof.' A sploof is a simple device which eliminates the odor of the smoke. To contruct a sploof, simple tape a dryer sheet over one hole in the toilet paper roll, and then stuff it very loosely with more dryer sheets. Make sure you don't pack them too tight. Five dryer sheets should suffice. That's all there is too it. Now you've got a sploof. When you exhale smoke into the open hole in the sploof, the smoke passes through the dryer sheets and when it comes out the other side it smells like air freshener.

    Now that you've got your sploof, you can simply smoke in your room and exhale into the sploof, but some people would prefer to be even more cautious than this. Basically, there are three ways to get caught. The lighter, the smoke, and coughing.
    So, what place can you go where your not alone, where it's not suspicious, there's already smoke, and a loud sound? The bathroom of course. Simply turn on the shower to a high temperature so that the water produces steam. The steam will camouflage the smoke, and your sploof will eliminate the smell of the smoke. The sound of the running water will cover up the sound of the lighter, and will help cover the sound of you coughing. If you have to cough considerably hard, do so into a pillow or towel. This, combined with the water, will make the cough inaudible. When you're done, you may want to spray some air freshener, but don't over do it. Remember, the room already smells like air freshener. If you have a bathroom window, leaving it ajar may help clear out the smell of the un-inhaled smoke.

    I hope this helped you guys, happy toking. :smoke:
  2. My way works better.

  3. Lmao. That's brilliant.
  4. I smoke with my bro in his room all the time. All we do is try to exhale as little smoke as possible (holding in hits), spray a shitload of febreez and put the fan on high in between bowls. We do make the mistake of using too much air freshener though. especially when we're high hahah. Im pretty sure my mom knows we do it but whatever
  5. This is only for bongs right?
  6. not just bongs, it can be anything. it's just a small simple device to exhale into. it's separate from the device you smoke, it's homemade with a toilet or paper towel roll and a bunch of nice smelling dryer sheets.

  7. Bongs, pipes, whatever. Don't smoke a blunt or a joint in your room/bathroom though. You will get caught.
  8. Not necessarily. I can't be an accurate judge because my dad never cared, but I always smoked joints in the bathroom. I would spray half of a full spray of air fresh. everytime i took a hit.
    Also, Henneh gave me a bad ass idea. What if you made a sploof and stuffed it into the mouthpiece of a bong, so that when you inhaled the smoke it would pass through the sploof and you wouldn't have to do anything special.
  9. mostly because i don't want to inhale the dryer sheet taste
  10. I suppose that's a good point. Haha. You never know, that shit might cause cancer.
  11. That seems a bit excessive and I can guarantee your dad just didn't care. a spray of air freshener after every hit? That bathroom probably reeked. haha.

    Excessive use of air freshener is almost as obvious as the smell of marijuana itself.

    And that would be so nasty, you'd be inhaling dryer sheet. Not only would taste nasty but I bet it would be pretty harsh.
  12. thats some funny shit in your sig

    E: you should also cap the bowl so the smoke wont come out of the top at all. Then exhale, then take another breath through the bowl and clear it and sploof again. Ive done this in the light every day for months now and you wont believe how much smoke comes out on your 2nd 3rd and 4th exhales
  13. Ok so before I started smoking more regularly I was trying to find ways to sesh in the house without getting caught. Ofcourse like any stoner in a problem I went to grass city to try and see if I could find anything that would actually work or well like a routine. Like a newbie stoner I got caught but through the practise I think I've got the thing to help anyone in this scenario.
    First I would suggest two things before we start one that a pipe even though not everyone favourite way of smoking weed is ideal for smoking in the house n you can still get ripped but it's less messy than a joint, a bong isn't too bad but still isn't as ideal and efficient ( getting caught red handed with a bong is easy if ur dumb and it's not as easy to hide a little bong is practically like a pipe in all reality) and that your rents shouldn't be home but if they are, that they r like extremely nose dead not highly invasive so u can pull this off.
    Ok so first thing after this is established is that I think everything u need to be high with is in a kit like a lil pencil case or something so it's easy for everything to be in so u can jus pack everything up after sesh n hide in a drawer or just hide in ur Nirmal weed spot just efficient
    Next u get ur shit n it's all together go
    To the bathroom or any room with a window n a lock now u in lock the door and take a towel and wet it doesn't have to be drenched just damp n press it against the floor and the crack of the door.
    - people say turn the fan on when u sesh don't ur just circulating air around causes the. Smell to be distributed unless it's a fan pointing directly in the direction of ur window while u sesh so the air is pushed out with less circulation as a ceiling fan would do
    Now u can also put a lil bit of mouthwash on the wet towels If u wanna be really precautious
    Ok now that's done get a perfume or like spray not candle those good for after but r always kinda of an obvious clue unless u always burn them so I stay away form that Cus I don't but like a febreeze or sum shit like that n spray the like ceiling in ur room like I mean spray up towards the ceiling so all that air up their is more fragmented Cus the smoke usually travels up so I just do that n I don't know makes a difference
    Now jus sesh make sure I I,e close the the window n u have a strong blow out the in widow not time for smoke tricks n shit just make sure all smoke directly smoked outta the window n just spray both out the window n just quickly behind n around u
    Then jus do uuuu I always put on like a n alarm so I can finish seshing before then espically Cus I sesh in the bathroom so looks odd even with the shower on for like an hour but trust me I've. Seshed like this for hour n half sometimes just up u n situation n if its not dumb to b seshin or being alone in ur room or in bathroom that long
    Then after u done if u smoked all ur pipe I quickly rinse w lil bit of wate rn mouthwash its that serious n helps w the Dank n smoke smell form pipe n then put EVERTHING in the pencil case or pouch shit again or whatever n put back where u hide ur shit
    and if u used matches make sure and of the ash feel and jus clean that up with some paper n on the ground too for ash if u spit somewhere jus wash down
    And then just quickly spray the whole room like spraying upwards so settles down and then take ur towels n just like open it up and LAMAO fucking wave it around like up to the ceiling just to collect any smoke and just wave around dkm and then u goodddd make sure any window that was opened which was closed before is closed n u good and DONT FORGET TO BRING IR PENCIAL CASE IF U SESHED SOEMWHERE OTHER THAN UR ROOM LAMAO this happens n then theirs not point unless u hide it in the place u sesh
    Then jus kick it n u god ion know trus me this works for me n is jus so easy to not get caught it's jus the lil things
    For the wiedos : if it Danks even after this shit take some tea tree oil and I just like put a few drops around the room totally so strong it covers the smell majestically
    For anyone who actually needed help
  14. Dude no need to regurgitate 4 year old threads.

    Here is the poop.

    Smoke in your OWN bathroom, problem solved.
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  15. #16 hazebuster, May 25, 2017
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    I have the ultimate solution to smoke indoors without smell (at least for bowls)
    requirements: deodorant, plastic trash bag, bong, weed, lighter
    Instructions: Prepare your bong and bowl and find a position where you can smoke the bowl and hold the bag closed. After each hit you exhale the smoke into the trash bag and hold it closed, so that the smoke stays inside. When the bowl is finished and you have managed to stop the ash from smoking, you spay deodorant into your smokebag. Finally, you open a window to let the not longer smoky smelling smoke out of the bag.
    addition: i also recommend spraying deodorant in the room you're smoking in

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